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It's my understanding that no, WE cannot. No food stamps and no welfare, no HUD, nothing that I know of. My convictions were for drugs. Now that I've successfully completed a 6 month inpatient rehab program, I'm looking for a job. I have amazing skills in bookkeeping, office management as well as can do anything with a computer. In this job market, in this economy, good luck finding a job at all, let alone for the convicted felon fresh out of rehab. Seems like a vicious cycle because I know plenty of people that would give up trying to do the right thing and go right back to selling drugs. At least they don't discriminate.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-18 03:10:59
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Q: Can convicted felons get government assistance such as food stamps?
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Can convicted felons receive food stamps in the state of West Virginia?


Can convicted drug felons in Missouri get food stamps? matter what u do....u'll never be eligable

Can convicted felons receive food stamps?

In California, convicted drug felons cannot receive food stamps (or SNAP as it is now called). Not sure about other kinds of felonies.If someone has their record expunged, they can receive assistance again and will be eligible from the time that their record is expunged, provided that they meet all of the other requirements.the issue was addressed in an All County Letter dated 9/23/1999.

Can a drug convicted felon get food stamps in Georgia?

Convicted drug felons can get food stamps in Georgia. However, in order to receive food stamps, the person must have a job working less than 30 hours.

Can felons get food stamps in California?

It depends upon what the felony is for. Most felons can get food stamps. The exception is drug felons - some drug felons can, and some can't get food stamps. In most cases, if the felony was for simple possession, you are still eligible for food stamps. If it was for sales or transportation, you are disqualified.

Can felons get food stamps in Texas?


Can a felon get food stamps in Ga?

Yes, Georgia is one of the 10 states that still has a ban on felons convicted of felony drug crimes from accessing food stamps. Bills to repeal these laws have been created, but have failed to gain traction.

Can a drug convicted felon receive food stamps in Texas?

Yes, food stamps is a federal program and federal law does not prohibit a previously convicted person from receiving food stamps.

Can you get food stamps with a drug felony in Indiana?

No. A felony drug conviction is the only felony that bars you from assistance. They are currently working on trying to pass a law where drug felons can take a program to get them. As of now, its NO.

What government benefits do single mothers receive?

Single parents can qualify for different benefits depending on their income. Child support assistance, food stamps, housing assistance and childcare assistance are some of the benefits.

Is there emergency financial assistane available for ex-felons currently on parole ?

Food Stamps! is the only one I know of but you can't be convicted of drug offenses. Try visiting your county welfare office first.

Does food stamps prevent you from getting a job?

No, they don't. In actuality, employers may be eligible for tax credits by hiring employees on government assistance such as food stamps. It may be in their interest to hire someone on food stamps from a tax perspective.

Can a convicted felon receive food stamps?


Can a convicted felon get food stamps in SC?


Can a convicted felon get food stamps in Michigan?


Why are drug felons not allowed to get food stamps?

Unfortunately, food stamps can be a convenient currency among drug users and drug pushers.

How long can you visit another state while on government assistance or food stamps?

there is no law that covers this. you can't live in another state and get food stamps in different states but visiting..doesn't matter.

Do the duggars get food stamps?

No. The Duggars do not get any government assistance to support their family. They give generously of their time and resources to help others.

Are food stamps considered public assistance?

Food stamps are technically considered public assistance. This is something that is offered to certain individuals to help assist them in living.

Can a convicted felon for drugs get food stamps in Missouri?


Can felons get food stamps?

Some can, some can't. Depends on the offense and when it occurred. In Texas, if the charge was for drugs & was prior to 9/1996, you can get food stamps. After that, a drug felon can never get food stamps.

Can a convicted drug offender receive food stamps in Arizona?


Can a convicted drug felon receive food stamps in NY?

Yes they can.

Can drug sales felons get food stamps in Florida?

Only one way to find out. Send in an application.

Which states allow drug offenders to receive food stamps?

Food stamps are a federal program and federal law does not prohibit a previously convicted person from receiving food stamps.