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Can cough drops be addictive?

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Are cough drops addictive?

Hell yeah! Google it!!

Can menthol cough drops become addictive and why?

Menthol cough drops can become addictive because of their taste. They do not have any addictive chemical. Although they may taste delicious they are not ment to be eaten like candy, they should be treated as if a perscription, only taken when needed.

Do cough drops have alcohol in them?

-i think just sugar alcohol that is non addictive - its probably better to ask a doctor because the back of my cough drop package(over the counter menthol cough drops) say for under 3 years ask a doctor, so there may be some type of alchohal in it.

How can you cure a cough?

cough drops

What is the difference between peppermint and cough drops?

cough drops will have some kind of medicine in it for the cough and other symptoms.

Do cough drops go bad?

yes i know that because my cough drops went bad

Can you overdose on cough drops?

Well it depends on what kind of cough drops you are eating. If its like Ludens cough drops, you know the really good ones, then you can't, it's impossible.

Can cough drops make you cough more?


What ingredients are in cough drops?

You can find the ingredients on the package of cough drops. Different brands have different ingredients.

Are there chewable cough drops?


How often can you take cough drops?

Well you should take cough drops every 4-6 hours.

Can I take cough drops when taking flagel with no side effects?

Can I take cough drops with menthol in them and Flagyl - there is menthol in the cough drops. Menthol is perhaps alcohol? Flagyl and alcohol make you vomit badly.

Can cough drops make a dog sick?

of course, cough drops are only good for people, not animals, if your dog has a persist ant cough, it is better to take it to a vet.

Can cough drops help get rid of strep throat?

Over the counter cough drops will not affect the bacterial infection in somebody who has strep throat but, they may prevent it from being passed to others if the cough drops calm the throat enough that you don't cough on other people.

Do cough drops work?


Do cough drops have antihistamines in them?


What types of cough drops are there?


Why do cough drops have a little 'B' on them?

It is likely a symbol for the brand name. For example, Halls cough drops have an "H" on them.

What happens when you dog eats cough drops?

dogs eat crazy things cough drops aren't one . so nothing

How many calories in cough drops?

Most cough drops have as many as 10-15 calories, per cough drop. However, the sugar-free variations contain 5 or less calories, per cough drop.

Are cough drops a prescription drug?

No cough drops are not prescrition drugs you can just pick the off the shelf. But it can only be prescrition if it is a special kind

Who invented cough drops?

the smith brothers

Can you over dose on Halls cough drops?


What happens When is when you eat too much cough drops?

Probably nothing. Most cough drops are the equivalent of hard candy, so they won't harm you.

What do you take when you cough?

Cough drops, cough syrup, hot lemon water with honey, herbs, etc. The possibilities are endless.