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There are three main types of inground Swimming Pools: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. All of which are prone to the occasional crack. Luckily for the homeowner such cracks can be repaired. If you are handy you can purchase a do it yourself repair kit at your local pool specialty store.

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Q: Can cracked inground pools be repaired?
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I would say factory direct pools have the cheapest price on inground pools with cheap installation.

What are open air swimming pools called?

Outdoor pool Inground pools.

How many pools are there in the US?

There are an estimated 5.2M installed inground pools in the united states

Do solar blankets for inground pools work?

Yes, they do.

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What are the cost associated with maintaining inground pools?

Maintaining inground pools require continually maintenance to make them operate properly. Cleaning, chemical treatment, and filtration service are all required. During winter, pools must also be weatherized.

Is there a pressure release valve built into inground pools for wet weather?

No, not usually.

What is the cost of the new inground doughboy pools installed?

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What kind of liner is used for inground pools that aren't concrete?

Installers use vinyl liners to create inground pools without pouring concrete. Here's an overview of the topic

When heating a pool why does inground or above ground matter?

inground pools hold the heat better as the ground naturally acts as an insulator above ground pools have more area to loose heat eg side walls

On inground pools what do you do if the heater is off-line?

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