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Can cyclosporine harm the baby while 31 weeks pregnant?

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โˆ™ 2010-08-03 07:51:06
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Q: Can cyclosporine harm baby when pregnant?
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Can flour harm baby while pregnant?

No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

If you vomit while pregnant does it harm the baby?

No it will never harm your baby.

Crying at 20 weeks pregnant will it harm your baby?

no, crying will not harm the baby

Will it harm the baby if a woman is pregnant but is medically still considered a virgin?

No. There will be no harm to the baby.

You are pregnant and you were prescribed something with 500mgs will it harm you or your child?

No. It will not harm your baby. Your doctor will take that some drug will not harm your baby.

You took cocaine while pregnant will this harm the baby?

Yes...using cocain ( a schedule I drug) while pregnant not only can, but it will harm the baby.

Will it harm the baby if you suntan outside?

It wont do the baby any harm at all if you are pregnant suntanning outside.

Do Squats harm the baby?

No exercise is good for you when pregnant.

Can eating raw flour when pregnant harm the baby?


What things can harm your baby if your pregnant?

smoking !! drugs !!

Is cat poop harmful?

yes if you are pregnant then if you breath the smell in it will harm the baby or the bacteria could harm the baby

What if you are pregnant and are on antibiotics can it harm the baby?

See your doctor please.

Will wine coolers harm a baby if your pregnant?

depends what you are doing with them

You are pregnant can a guinea pig harm your baby?

nope. not at all.

Can drinking when your 5 weeks pregnant harm your baby?


When pregnant and in pain from tooth aches is your baby in any harm?


If you get pregnant shortly after using the nuva ring will it harm the baby?

Not at all.

Does having intercourse while your pregnant harm the baby?

you have to be careful x

Does a hickey on your stomach cause harm to the baby if you are pregnant?

I highly doubt it.

Can getting pregnant soon after removal of the implant harm the baby?

No it wont.

Can you harm your baby while still being pregnant?

the most harm you can do to your baby ,excluding personnal injury, are smoking and uncontrolled drug or alchohol.

Can Coughing a lot while pregnant harm your baby?

No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

If you are a smoker and didn't know that you were pregnant can it harm the baby?

Whether or not you know you are pregnant doesn't change the circumstances. So yes, if you smoke at all while pregnant, whether you have knowledge of the little baby inside of you or not you still harm the child.

12 weeks old pregnant took some small pieces of pineapple Can this harm your baby?

Why would you think that Pineapple could harm the baby?

You are five months pregnant and want to quit smoking cold turkey will it harm your baby?

Quitting smoking is very good for you and your baby. Cold turkey won't harm your baby.