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Can cyclosporine harm baby when pregnant?


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Can cyclosporine harm the baby while 31 weeks pregnant?

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No. Flour will not harm your baby while pregnant.

No. It will not harm your baby. Your doctor will take that some drug will not harm your baby.

It wont do the baby any harm at all if you are pregnant suntanning outside.

yes if you are pregnant then if you breath the smell in it will harm the baby or the bacteria could harm the baby

No exercise is good for you when pregnant.

depends what you are doing with them

the most harm you can do to your baby ,excluding personnal injury, are smoking and uncontrolled drug or alchohol.

Whether or not you know you are pregnant doesn't change the circumstances. So yes, if you smoke at all while pregnant, whether you have knowledge of the little baby inside of you or not you still harm the child.

No that's a normal condition and can not hurt the baby.

Why would you think that Pineapple could harm the baby?

Quitting smoking is very good for you and your baby. Cold turkey won't harm your baby.

Douching while pregnant cannot harm the baby directly, however douching can sometimes lead to yeast infections. Yeast infections also do not harm the baby directly, however they can get thrush (yeast infection in their mouth) if you give birth while infected.

From what I understand, most pills are made so that if you become pregnant while taking it, there is little to no harm to the developing baby. However, if you suspect that you are pregnant, you should see a physician for a blood test and if you are pregnant, stop taking the pill.

Yes,this will in no way harm your baby.

The use of drugs while pregnant is a form of child abuse and will harm the baby.

Yes it can harm you and possibly harm the baby. You load the immune system too much and with that loading something has to give. No professional body piercer will knowingly pierce anyone who is pregnant just for that reason. If you do have an infection in a piercing and you are pregnant see your doctor without delay.

Yes, smoking is harmful to the baby anytime you are pregnant. So if you are pregnant one week or 9 months.

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