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Can diabetics eat honey?

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It is not advised by doctors for diabetics to eat honey. This is because it still contains glucose, which can still increase the blood sugar level.
No. Honey is pure sugar.

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Can you have honey if you have diabetics?

A common misconception is that diabetics are limited to what they can and cannot eat. Diabetes sufferers can eat almost anything as long as they keep a close eye on their blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Is honey a good sweetener for diabetics?

yes honey is good sweetener for diabetics bcoz it doesn't affect a persons sugar level

Can type 1 diabetics eat honey?

Generally, it is safe for type 1 diabetics to eat honey. As long as they keep their blood sugar levels within tolerances, they usually can eat whatever they like (in moderation, of course). It is a good idea for any a type 1 diabetic to consult with their health care provider before any major diet changes.

Can diabetics eat sago seeds?

Can diabetics eat sago seeds?

Can a diabetic type 2 eat honey?

Diabetics can eat and drink almost anything they want, as long as they keep a constant monitor on their blood sugar levels.

Can diabetics eat rice?

yes, rice is fine for diabetics.

Why do Diabetics have to eat carbohydrates?

Diabetics and non-diabetics have to eat carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the only organic compound that living organisms can use to produce energy.

Is honey good for diabetics?

Yes its very good if it's original

Can diabetics eat granola?


Can diabetics eat prawns?


Should a diabetics eat mango?

Diabetics can eat a number of things you jst have to check with your doctor to have a balanced diet

Do honey badgers eat honey bees?

No, but they eat honey!

How do honey pot ants eat honey?

The same whay we eat honey The same whay we eat honey

Can diabetics eat sweet potatoes?

Yes, fibrous vegetables are good for diabetics.

Can diabetics eat peanuts?

yes they can eat peanut.

Can diabetics eat eggs?

Diabetics can eat any kind of food, it is just a matter of managing blood sugar levels.

Do honey bees eat their own honey?

yes they eat honey

When do you eat honey?

You can eat honey whenever you please. There is no specific time you must eat honey.

What are some foods diabetics should not eat?

Anything that contains processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, or honey. Normally sugars that are labeled on products end in ose and should be watched out for by diabetics. Some food examples are rice, cottage cheese, potatoes and more.

Can diabetics eat onions?


Can diabetics eat liver?


Can diabetics eat plums?


Can diabetics eat peaches?


Can diabetics eat cheese puffs?

Diabetics can eat cheese puffs. They are not a very healthy snack so they should be eaten in moderation.

What does a honeybee eat?

honey bees eat honey