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Can dizygotic fraternal twins be conceived a week apart?


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I think so. My twins are three days apart according to every ultrasound so far. It seems perfectly reasonable that they could be up to a week apart especially considering that is about how long strong sperms keep on working within the right environment. I am not a Dr., but my guess would be it must be possible. Take care

While it is possible for non-identical (dizygotic/2-eggs) twins to be conceived apart (and by different fathers!), it's generally not the case. An ultrasound showing twins differing in age by 3 days is not significant given the margin of error for ultrasound technology. Just like most adults are different sizes, so too are babies in utero owing to genetic and environmental factors.


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Another name for fraternal twins is dizygotic twins.

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Two separate eggs are fertilized. Dizygotic twins are the same as fraternal twins.

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Identical twins are called monozygotic. Fraternal twins are called dizygotic.

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