Can do Btech after BCA

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can do Btech after BCA
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hey friends what do you think is really better BTech or BCA... i mean which one has more oppurtunities..... is there anything much better than this????? i really really want something with more oppurtunities ...

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You have done BCA with 70 percent want to do MBA from bits pilani what should you do tell you the complete procedure .?

You need to be an Engineer with a BE, BTech or an equivalent degree to get admission to the MBA program at BITS. That program is specifically targeted towards engineers.

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i will do mca after bca

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can i do mba after bca?

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Which is better Psychology or BCA?

The acronym BCA has over 72 meanings. Please indicate what you mean by BCA. Viper1