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That is not a good idea, Swimming Pools have chemicals in them to keep them clean and they would not be good for a dog.


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Depends on the the pool.

16x32 above ground doughboy swimmimg pool.

How is water in the swimmimg pool different from earth interior

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India's population is around 1.25 billion.For every 100 people there would be a swimmimg pool. so total swimmimg pools would be 1.25 billion/100=approx 1 crore.Now the rural population would not be having swimming pool. Rural population comprises about 70% of the total population. 70% of 1 crore=70lakh. 30 lakh swimmimg pools would be there in India.

2,000,000 ML is 2,000 liters or about 1000 2 liter bottles which is about 500 gallons. That might fill a small pool.

yesand no if it is a normal swimming pool and 70 degrees then don't go swimmimg if your pool is heated then go for it because the heated pool will work it will make you much warmer HOPE THIS HELPED :]

Assuming the pool is rectangluar (and not an oval or some other shape), then the volume is 2,875,392 cubic inches. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon, so the pool holds 12,447.58 gallons of water.

around memorial day weekend or the week before that if you want to go swimmimg memorial day weekend. i do it the week before memorial day weekend

If you swallow some by accident it won't kill you. If you drink too much of it on purpose then it can kill you. No you can't safely drink pool water that is salty.

Yes, the acid content in a pool is very low compared for instance with orange juice. and cats and dogs have been drinking out of pools for years without any particularly bad effects.

I have been dealing with saline (salt) systems since the early 1970s and have never known of a case where animals have been adversly effected by the saline water. Dogs and cats continue to drink from pools after the pools have been converted to saline, as though there was no difference.

I also am tempted to let my two labs and bichon in the water. Here are our reasons not to let our dogs in our above ground vinyl lined pool: Bichon would think it was okay to get in the pool when I wasn't watching...uh oh! Dirt from dirty dogs, Hair from hairy dogs, torn vinyl liner from dogs' nails. Skin problems and possible poisoning from pool chemicals. All of our dogs love the water. We have a "kiddie" pool for the dogs, and we try to take them to the creek to really swim as often as we can.

mabye cause the people that go in the pool (WARNING= dont drink pool water

A pool the water is sanitized and with proper water chemistry. A lake may contain harmful bacteria. Water chemistry in a pool is balanced to somewhat obtain the chemical levels that are present in tap water that you drink. You are trying to duplicate that with pool chemistry. You drink chlorine and wash clothes in it. After hurricanes and such small amounts of bleach is used to sanitize water enough to drink. Think about it. Would you drink that lake water or drink your properly balanced pool water instead? Hope this is helpful.

For the ducks, it is fine if they don't drink it. For your pool, not so much. They poop A LOT!

I don't believe salt water pools are harmful for dogs. My dogs swim in my swimming pool about everyday during They have had no health problems or injury due to swimming in the salt water pool. I would think a salt water pool would be safer for a dog to swim in than a normal chlorine type pool.

you can mesure a drink, or a regular shallow pool

Yes definatly. Pool chemicals are even harmful to humans. So keep them locked up and away from dogs. Dogs in the wild survive because they know what is not good for them, but pool chemicals are man-made, so dogs dont know any better and it is like candy to them.

Reservoir dogs mean that they like 2 swim in the water,such as a reservoir,lake or pool.

no it is v.s. the law saltwater is bad to drink

For the most part, there shouldn't be any side effects unless the pool is heavily salted (such as an ocean tidal pool) or the dog drinks a lot. In these cases, your dog may vomit the water back up, or drink more fresh water and have to urinate a lot for the next couple of days. In general, dogs won't drink salt water past the point of salt satiation unless there are no other sources of water available.

Yes they can but if they dont want to dont force them

They can, but it can mess up the gene pool.

8 dogs in a swimming pool.

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