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no because they are like human.

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Q: Can dogs eat chicken cooked after it spoiled?
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Is a cooked chicken spoiled if left out 8 hours?

It might not be spoiled in the sense that it looks and smells bad, but it will not be safe to eat.

Do dogs like chicken?

Most dogs do like to eat chicken. If you are feeding chicken and it is cooked you must remove all bones. Cooked chicken bones are splintery and can lodge in a dogs throat.

Could dogs eat cooked chicken?

If the bones are removed, and the chicken is still good (not spoiled, kept too long at a warm temperature), there should not be any problem. It does not constitute a complete diet for them, however.

Can you eat spoiled chicken?

If you can get it past your nose, I suppose you can eat spoiled chicken. But you really shouldn't.

Is it OK for dogs to eat chicken?

Dogs can eat chicken, but it is dangerous for them to eat COOKED chicken bones. See the Related Question below for more information and a source link.Another user stated also NOT to let dogs eat spicy chicken as it upsets their stomach.

Can chickens eat cooked cream of wheat?

Cooked cream of wheat is an excellent chicken food. They love it just as much as we do. They even like it with fruit in it. They can eat anything you do, as long as it is not spoiled.

What do mushers and sled dogs eat?

The mushers eat cooked food like pasta, jerky, and chicken. The dogs eat steaks or beans.

If you cook spoiled chicken will you get sick when you eat it?

yes, daaaaaaaaaa it is SPOILED !

Can dogs eat large amounts of cooked chicken breast?

I feed my dog 21 breasts of chicken he lives it ?? Is this bad

Do crabs eat cooked chicken?

No crabs do not eat cooked chicken that will actually kill it

What will dogs eat on runescape?

Bones and raw or cooked meat, such as chicken or beef. Just like most normal dogs :)

Can dogs eat spoiled meat?

Yes, Dogs can eat spoiled meat even though it is not the most healthy thing in the world for them they can eat it.

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