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Yes you can! but there is a catch, you have to have the same type of dog for at least 9 months and there you have it! Puppies!

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โˆ™ 2010-07-25 11:56:28
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Q: Can dogs have babies on Nintendogs?
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Can dogs in Nintendogs have babies?

No, they're puppies.

Why can't dogs on Nintendogs have babies?

idk why they didnt let nintendogs have babys but if you have the manual for nintendogs it will say that none of the nintendogs games allows you to have babies.

How can your dogs have babies on Nintendogs?

HOW TO MAKE A DOG HAVE PUPPIES1. Get a female and male dog of the same breed2. Feed them ONLY milk and dry food3. Let the dogs play together4. After/Just before a week your female dogs tummy should be fatterNEVER DO THIS1. Interrupt the dogs fighting or hugging or what ever they do2. Take them on walks3. Enter them in contests4. Hurt them in any wayHOW TO CARE FOR A PUPPY1. Feed it only milk and dry food2. Be gentle3. Let it bond with YOU and its parentsNEVER DO THIS1. Hurt them2. Interrupt them playing or fighting or doing what ever they do3. Walk them - but you can after 3 daysI really hope this helped you! I love helping people so NO NEED TO THANK ME! :D

Can two different breeds have babies on nintendogs?

unfortunately, you can't breed dogs in nintendogs. either it's the same breed or not. :(

If Nintendogs have babies do they stay that small?

Nintendogs will never have babies

In Nintendogs can you make your own breeds coz i want a bordercollie but they dont do it on Nintendogs?

Your dogs can't even have babies on nintendogs. I have had my nintendogs for 2 years now, and i have never had any babies. I have looked into this and all the sources i find say you cannot have babies on nintendogs, therefore I doubt you can make your own breeds, sorry. it sucks bad but try try try

When you breed the dogs in nintendogs dachshund and friends do the dogs get pregnant?

yes all the nintendogs games can get dogs pregnant!

What dogs are easiest to breed on Nintendogs?

You cant breed on Nintendogs

Can the dogs on Nintendogs have puppies?


Are there cheats to get more than 8 dogs on Nintendogs?

No, you can't get more than eight dogs in Nintendogs.

When can your cavailer have a puppy Nintendogs?

dogs don"t have puppies on nintendogs

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