What dogs are easiest to breed on Nintendogs?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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You cant breed on Nintendogs

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Q: What dogs are easiest to breed on Nintendogs?
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When you breed the dogs in nintendogs dachshund and friends do the dogs get pregnant?

yes all the nintendogs games can get dogs pregnant!

How do you breed on Dalmatian and Friends Nintendogs?

you can't breed dogs. You have to buy them on nintendogs

Can two different breeds have babies on nintendogs?

unfortunately, you can't breed dogs in nintendogs. either it's the same breed or not. :(

Can you breed dogs on Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

You Can't.

How do you breed your Nintendo dogs?

Nintendogs cannot be bred.

How do you get a mixed breed dog in Nintendogs?

no you get full breeded dogs

Whats the easiest way to have puppies on Nintendogs?

You cant have puppies on nintendogs the dogs stay puppies and never die.

If you have to dogs the same breed then buy a different dog not the same breed will the two dogs the same breed still have puppies in nintendogs i only have one more room for one more dog?

You can't breed in Nintendogs. They stay puppies 4ever.

Do you have to be on Nintendogs for them to breed?

well actually the dogs dont breed sorry =( No you don't have to be on for them to breed. (The female will wake up in the morning with puppies by her tummy.)

What records make your dogs go on top of each other on nintendogs?

None. If your asking this because you want to breed your dogs, you fail. You cant breed your dogs, and this is a nasty question, quite frankly.

Do Ninten-dogs have puppies?

No, Nintendogs cannot have puppies. It is just a game, the dogs cannot breed, because the game is for younger children!

In the DS game Nintendogs can your dogs breed?

No they can't- I wish they could, the puppies would be sooo cute!