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It is best not to drink while you are pregnant. However you did not know you were pregnant so don't worry yourself about the past (because there is nothing you can do to change it) just make sure that from now on you avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking and second hand smoke. I am sure things will be fine with your baby but as you are obviously concerned, it would be best for you see a qualified doctor.

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Can a woman get pregnant miscarry without knowing it and get pregnant again without knowing it?

Yes, it is possible.

What problems can occur when pregnant with an IUD?

Take it out immediately, you can cause severe birth defects, possibly even death. You are supposed to go to the dr. to have it removed before trying to have a baby! Your IUD may have moved without you knowing it, however you are supposed to check the strings frequetly to prevent this from happening. So go to the OB/GYN NOW to check the baby's and your health.

Can you get pregnant and get skinnier like lossing few pounds and not knowing you are pregnant?

yes you can

Could you be pregnant if your period only last 3 days?

Sometimes, you CAN bleed while you are pregnant, but of course, it is not considered a period. I bled for first three months while I was pregnant, it is not dangerous or anything but what IS dangerous, is NOT knowing that you are pregnant because you are not eating like you should and you may be drinking and/or smoking. Go take a pregnancy test just in case :]

Why adolescents should be given knowledge about reproduction?

not knowing causes many more problems then knowing. statistically, those who never receive any type of sexual education are more likely to get pregnant/impregnate someone at an earlier age. This leads to family strife, inability to finish school, and many other problems.

Can you have a miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

Not knowing and not being pregnant are completely different things. If you are pregnant, whether you are aware of it or not, you can have a miscarriage. If you are not pregnant then you cannot.

How do you get pregnant without the guy knowing?

you don't tell him

Why do people black out?

From drinking to much they can even kill people with out knowing.

How do you get pregnant with out your mom knowing?

Pretty much the same way most people get pregnant. In private.

How do all composers get their energy?

Not by drinking redbull or coffee, just by knowing their steel, and knowing the human mindset, and playing in on those things!

Can one go on labor without knowing they are pregnant?


Is there a way of knowing if your daughter was ever pregnant?

Only by asking her.

If you get pregnant on NuvaRing birth control and continue using it without knowing if you are pregnant will it hurt the baby?

No birth defects have been noted in women taking birth control unknowingly while pregnant. Because accidental pregnancies can occur on birth control, there is plenty of experience with this subject. See the "related links" section for a directory of hotlines you can call for information from specialists if you are concerned about a medication exposure during pregnancy.

Can someone be pregnant and not know?

It isn't very common but it does happen that a woman can go into labor, never knowing she was pregnant.

What are the chances of your baby having birth defects if you smoke marijuana without knowing you're in the early stages of pregnancy?

Very high

Can a doctor drug test a pregnant woman?

yes they can and they can do it without you knowing

Can someone be pregnant without knowing?

Yes,.some pregnancies can be hidden.

Can you be pregnant without knowing?

Yes you can... Accept for taking a test, there's no way to know for sure that you are pregnant. Some girls went all the way through the nine months without ever knowing.

How can you be pregnant without knowing it?

That's the million dollar question! Watch "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" on the Discovery Health Channel.

Can smoking weed cause pain in stomach not knowing you pregnant?

Lots of things can.

If someone is pregnant then how do they do it without their parents knowing?

Call PLANNED PARENTHOOD in your city.

If you had a period january 25th but not in February when did i get pregnant?

Most women get pregnant 12 to 16 days after their last period. We have no way of knowing which date.

Can you get pregnant even if you do not have your periods yet?

Before you bleed the first time you ovulate so you can get pregnant then without even knowing your period is on the way.

When is Ellie goulding going to be pregnant?

We have no way of knowing when she is going to be pregnant. Firstly, she chooses when she wants a baby, we dont choose for her. When she has a baby, you will know then.

How are you going to stop drinking?

by getting help and through will power knowing that if you continue it will hurt people close to you

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