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NO, ducks cant get HIV. HIV is only spread in humans and a virus similar is in monkeys. The virus can't be spread in ducks.

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Can bats carry HIV?

Bats don't carry HIV; but they do carry rabies.

Can you get HIV if your blood touch HIV blood?

Yes, you would probably get HIV if your blood on you touches HIV blood.

Does sperm carry HIV?

Sperm itself does not carry HIV. What carries HIV is the semial fluid which carries sperm.

Do mosquitos carry AIDS?

No! Mosquitoes do not carry aids. Hiv is what u get from blood which turns for over a period of time will form aids so my answer is no!!

Can HIV be transmitted if you swallow the semen of someone who is HIV negative?

No. You can only catch HIV from someome who is HIV positive. HIV negative = does not carry HIV, can't infect anyone else. HIV positive = does carry HIV, and can infect other people.

Can you get aids from swallowing a mosquito?

AIDS is caused by HIV, the Human Iummonodeficiency Virus. Insects do not carry HIV. Humans carry HIV.

Is blood the only body fluid that can carry a bloodborne disease?

No. For instance, HIV can be spread by blood, semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk.

If you swallow blood will you get HIV?

If you swallow alittle blood will you get HIV

If someone with HIV scratches you in your eye and draws your blood and they have dried blood sweat or saliva on their fingernails can you become infected?

The way that an HIV infection occurs is through a fluid-blood contact. If the HIV-infected person had none of their blood on their fingernail, your chances of infection are zero. Fluids that carry a high titer of HIV include blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk. Fluids of the nervous system and joints also contain a high concentration of HIV, but t is very unlikely to come in contact with these fluids outside of the health care industry. HIV is transmitted thru warm blood to blood contact with someone who has the HIV virus thats it there is no other way.

Can blood resist to get HIV infection?

.....I have no idea why would you ask this question....HIV transmit because of blood transfusion or blood contact. There is no blood that can resist HIV infection...In fact blood is the best way to get HIV infection. If you are exposed to blood contaminated with HIV...Do get an early check up.

Why is bad to have anti-HIV and HIV in our blood?

It is bad to have anti-HIV and HIV in your blood because it weakens your immune system.

How many different bodily fluids can carry HIV?

The body fluids that carry enough concentration to infect a person with HIV are: blood, all genital secretions, breast milk, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and synovial fluid. Sweat, tears, urine, and saliva do not have the concentration of HIV to cause an infection.

If a HIV guy bites a normal person will he get HIV?

if the HIV person's blood gets into an another person's blood, then the other person can get HIV.

Is blood group and HIV is different?

yes it is, hiv is a disease. blood group is your type of blood.

What are ways that a person can become infected with HIV?

The usual methods of HIV transmission are: unprotected sex (anal intercourse being the most risky), blood transfusion, and the sharing intravenous needles. In general, blood and semen can carry the virus.

Is there HIV vires in menstruation blood?

Yes, but only if the person is HIV-positive. HIV is a blood-borne virus.

If there's no HIV in the blood could you still be infected and what if you had contact with blood that's not infected with HIV?

In order to contract HIV from blood, it must be infected with the virus. Otherwise, you will not contract HIV.

Can you get HIV through drinking blood?

Yes you can get HIV from drinking contaminated blood.

Can you get HIV through donating blood?

You won't get HIV through donating blood.

Does there need to be a lot of blood to get HIV?

No there does not need to be a lot of blood to transmit HIV.

When you donate blood what stds do they test for?

The blood is checked for HIV and syphilis.HIV and syphilis are checked at blood banks.They test for HBV, HIV, and syphilis.

Can a person with blood type o positive get hiv from sex?

People with any blood type can get HIV from sex. There is not a blood type that is immune to HIV.

Will HIV show up in a regular blood test?

no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood. they check the resistance of the body to HIV no,because in HIV test,they don't check the blood. they check the resistance of the body to HIV

Can blood transfusions cause HIV?

Blood transfusions can't cause HIV, but if a carrier of HIV would donate blood, then whoever gets that blood can catch HIV from the donated blood.It happened a few times when HIV had just started to spread, but nowadays there are testing procedures in place to stop that from happening.

What two body fluids do not carry HIV?

There are many body fluids that are not a risk for HIV infection. Tears, sweat, urine and saliva do not carry risks for HIV transmission.