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Every answer I've seen online says no, but from experience, I say yes! I never got an ear infection in my entire life until I was pregnant with my son. During that time I had not 1, but 4! They would alternate ears. I took antibiotics for the prescribed amount of time, the same time every day, and sure enough a few months later, I had another ear infection! After giving birth, I never had another one! Now, 2 years later, I have one. Surprise! Last month my husband and I were trying. So we will see! I will test in a couple of days. Anyway, I guess I am saying that yes, I believe you can get ear pain/ infections from pregnancy. If you look online it talks about increased mucous, swelling tissues in your nose, ears, etc... with all that going on, fluid can become easily trapped causing pain/infection. Hope this helps!

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Q: Can ear pain be a possible symptom of pregnancy?
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Swollen outer ear?

The symptom of a swollen outer ear can be perichondritis, an ear cartilage infection caused by bacteria. Another symptom is pain. A cause for this condition can be injury of ear cartilage due to factors like cartilage piercing or ear surgery.

Is sudden sharp pain behind the ear a symptom of cancer?

No. But it could be a symptom of many ear related conditions such as ear infection or blocked eustachian tube. Less common causes are neuropathic in nature to the vestibular system.

What are the most common Otitis symptoms?

Otitis is commonly considered an infection of the ear which develops quickly and resolves itself in a few days. The most common otitis symptom is ear pain.

How do ear drum breaks?

burst of major sound to the ear, shaking and rupturing the ear drum causing extreme pain and possible loss of hearing.

Can the sharp pain behind your left ear be due to a tooth infection?

Yes, that is possible.

What are the symptoms of otitis externa?

The first symptom of otitis externa is often itching of the ear canal. Eventually, the ear begins to feel extremely painful. Any touch, movement, or pressure on the outside structure of the ear (auricle) may cause quite severe pain.

What do you call a pain in your ear?

Ear ache

Can tooth decay cause ear and neck pain?

my ear is pain and also my tooth

What is the medical term for ear pain?

Otalgia is the medical term meaning ear pain.

How can you get rid of ear pain?

If its the inside of your ear you probably have an ear infection

Pain behind the ear back of head?

Pain in the back of the ear can be an indicator of an ear infection. Visit your doctor to get a prescription antibiotic.

Does M. pneumoniae cause ear pain?

About 20% of patients may have ear pain

What is does pain behind ear mean?

Pain behind ear can mean ear infection or headache if it is medium to severe go to the doctor for drops

Will the patient have ear pain after tooth extraction?

I recently had mine removed and I felt no ear pain at all.

Can a novacaine shot cause ear pain?

Yes . I have had ear pain for 2 weeks now after a shot by the dentist. There was a nerve hit . what can you do about this pain

What is cause sharp pain ear to head?

ear infection

Can ear infections make you nauseated?

yes ear infections causes pain and the pain is what actually makes you nauseated.

Icd 9 code needed for left ear pain due to head injury?

L ear pain

What are the symptoms of cerumen impaction?

The most important symptom of cerumen impaction is partial loss of hearing. Other symptoms are itching, tinnitus (noise or ringing in the ears), a sensation of fullness in the ear, and pain.

Why do you have pain in head behind right ear?

A headache is a vague symptom. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of Migraine and headache disorders, seek the help of a qualified, board certified Migraine and headache specialist.

What causes a shooting pain in the ear if there is no infection in the ear and the throat is not infected?

Sometimes this can be caused by clenching the teeth together, and it is also possible that you do in fact have an ear infection, so the best advice is to see your doctor to determine the exact cause.

Can you hear a baby's heartbeat if you hold your ear to a pregnant stomach?

In later pregnancy it is possible to hear the heartbeat - depending on how baby is laying of course.

How can you minimize the pain of an ear ache?

* I always find that if you massage the ear lobe -- the lower part of the ear, where you wear an earring -- the pain will minimize. * A drop or two of warmed garlic oil placed in the ear is great for ear aches.

What is the first sign of a infected ear piercing?

The first signs would be a combination of swelling, redness and possible smelly discharge around the piercing as well as pain or a throbbing sensation in the ear lobe.

Is ear popping a sign of pregnancy?

Ear popping might be because of the unbalanced liquid in your ear, that's all.