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Sunflower seeds cannot in themselves cause appendicitis. Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix resulting from some sort of injury, such as trauma, impacted stool, or worms. While a diet high in fats may cause constipation and hence impacted stool, the sunflower seeds themselves are not the primary contributor, and are in fact less fatty than many other foods. Thus eating sunflower seeds is not enough to cause appendicitis, unless you are eating an extremely unhealthy diet.

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Q: Can eating sunflower seeds give you appendicitis?
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Does eating sunflower seeds give you high blood pressure?

My grandmother told me that it does. I recommended you getting the seeds with no salt.

Does sunflower seeds give you cholesterol?

sunflower seeds have shot quantity of cholesterol

Can parakeets eat sunflower seeds?

they can, but it is recommended not to give them ,or give them just a few seeds, sunflower seed can get them fat

Is salted sunflower seeds good for chipmunk?

Salted sunflower seeds are not good for chipmunks. You should give them fresh sunflower seeds that come from the plant itself.

What other seeds are good to give horses?


Do sunflower seeds give you gas?

No not usually as the seeds are used to make sunflower oil, which is very very popular then all of them should be suffering from gas.

Can eating a lot of sunflower seeds give you stones?

Kidney / bladder stones are caused by a buildup of calcium and is usually linked to an underlying kidney condition. Sunflower seeds are not a particularly large source of calcium, at least compared to most other seeds or leafy vegetables, and are unlikely to contribute significantly to stone formation.

How many sunflower seeds in 10kg?

The reason that sunflower seeds are usually sold by weight and not by count is because sunflower seeds do not have a uniform individual weight. One can only give a rough approximation. For example, assuming a 1 gram packet of American Giant sunflower seeds contains between 12 and 13 seeds on average, then a 10 kilogram packet would have between 120000 and 130000 seeds. Switching to a variety of sunflower seeds with smaller seeds, such as Velvet queen, you might get 30 to 35 seeds in a packet, thus averaging 300000 to 350000 seeds.

Can hamsters eat sunflower seeds in a shell that are salted?

As for salted no do not feed your hamster salted sunflower seeds.I would also not give them cooked sunflower seeds as when they are cooked they lose a lot of nutrients. I would feed my hamster raw unprocessed sunflower seeds. But remember to not feed your hamster too many nuts and seeds. They are good in small amounts but contain a lot of fat. So to summarize do not feed your hamster cooked salted sunflower seeds but instead feed them raw unprocessed sunflower seeds in small amounts.

What is the best way to spoil your new sibereian hamster?

Give it tons of sunflower seeds.

Do dogs eat sunflower seeds?

Yes, sunflower seeds are perfectly fine to give to your dog, but in moderation. Dogs can nearly eat anything that is organic and could be eaten by humans. Hope this helps :).

How do you give yourself appendicitis quickly?

There is no way to get appendicitis.

Can cockatiels eat sunflower seeds?

Yes, of course they can. They split open any type of seed like that and eat the inside of them. It's not good to only give them sunflower seeds to eat without a mixture of a balanced diet. Such as: 30% seed mixture the rest in pellets and fresh vegetables. (comment edited by Tylor) Although they can eat sunflower seeds.. it isn't good for them, Most birds when they eat sunflower seeds make them extremely mean, you can search it on many sites. NEXT ANSWER: The first cockatiel I owned died from fatty liver disease, caused by eating too many sunflower seeds (according to my vet). It should not be a significant part of their diet.

What are some opinions about rats as pets?

Give them lab blocks and avoid salty stuff and sunflower seeds.

Farmville sunflowers give you how much coins?

Read it... It tells you right before you buy the seeds, go to the market and loook in the square that the sunflower seeds are in.

What can you give your pet rat to snack on?

You can give it a piece of cheese to snack on. Honestly I don't think cheese is the best snack for a rat. I'd rather give it yogurt or sunflower seeds. That is what I always give my rat to snack on. So i guess you can try all three yogurt , cheese , and sunflower seeds and see what it likes.

Feed the dove that is nesting eggs?

you should give that dove maybe any seeds or bird food sunflower seeds try that but dont make them salty!

Can hamsters eat sunflower seeds with the shell?

Whenever you give a hamster a full sunflower seed, they will break it open and eat the true seed, possibly chew on the covering later.

What do hamsters like eat best?

Hamsters love sunflower seeds. Be sure to not give your hamster too much though.

Can a 4 year old have appendicitis attack?

Yes. Age does not give you immunity from appendicitis.

What do gerbils like?

Gerbils like apple,carrot,sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds as snacks. But do not give them too much of this stuff. And to play they like tubes and wood blocks.

Can sunflower seeds give you cancer?

Probably not unless they are contaminated with something carcinogenic. Most all foods, and especially fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are healthy and safe to eat.

How many sunflower seeds should an average hamster eat?

Sunflower seeds are very fattening and can make your pet obese. I would try one or two every other day. Pregnant hamsters can eat a little more then that because they have to give nutrients to the babies.

Does exercising after eating give you appendicitis?

No, it does not. This is a myth, most likely spawned by some homeopathic quack or other who "observed" that sometimes attacks of acute appendicitis happened to appear after a meal and then exercise. It is also possible to, if the appendix is infected, to have a flare up in the middle of the night, but this does not mean that sleeping causes appendicitis.

Can parakeets eat a hamster food like sunflower seeds?

Yes, they can eat sunflower seeds, they remove the shells with their beaks. If you have a very small keet like a budgerigar then seek further advice about the sunflower seed. I have ring necked parakeets and they love sunflower seed. I would not advise giving them 'hamster food' as such, you can buy parakeet mix that contains sunflower seeds, millet and other seeds. Parakeets should be given fruit to balance their diet. They love apple, pear and orange but remove the seeds from apples and pears as they are toxic. Mix grit (ground up shell) with the seed to help them digest it. Also give them millet spray as they love it, also peanuts and monkey nuts. Give them cuttle fish bone to sharpen their beaks too. And, don't forget water, if you live in a hard water area give them spring water.