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Can electricity kill you?

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YES! It is extremely dangerous. Only experts (people who know what they are doing) should handle it.

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How much electricity does it take to kill you?

It takes about 200 nots to kill you

Can electricity volts kill humans?

yes enough electricity can overheat your cells.

How dangerous is electricity?

Electricity can be fatal if not treated with respect.Electricity can range from harmless to extremely dangerous - kill. The danger of electricity is made by the current. The higher the current, the more dangerous it is. The current required to kill is around 1amp.

How can electricity kill people?

It can stop their heart.

Do mites like electricity?

No, it may\will\can kill them.

What does electrocuted mean?

1.to kill by electricity.2.to execute (a criminal) by electricity, as in an electric chair.

What is the difference between lightning and the electricity that you use at home?

Well, you have to pay for electricity but lightning is free. Also, lightning can kill you, but electricity cannot.

Why is safety of the utmost importance when working with electricity or electronics?

Safety is of the utmost importance because electricity can kill.

What are the dangers associsated with electricity?

No pun intended but electricity will give you a shocking reminder that careless handling will kill

How can mains electricity kill you?

It literally can cook you Im in becoming an electrician and they say its the amps that kill you if I remember right

How many volts of electricity would it take to kill a cat?

Voltage doesn't actually kill, it is the amperage that kills.

How does electricity kill a person?

all the electricity makes your heart go really fast making it stop thats what i herd

Can you get electrocuted while taking a bath and talking on the cellphone?

yes because electricity does not go with water that's why you can get kill by an electricity.

Why does electricity kill humans?

Because it stops the heart. That makes you die.

Does brushing your hair create static electricity?

no, if you brush your hair, it will kill you.

Can static electricity kill?

Yes, it can. The "normal" static electricity we usually encounter isn't lethal. If we shuffle across a rug on a dry day, we can get a nasty zap! when we reach for the door knob. But note that lightning is static electricity, and it can kill or disable individuals with ridiculous ease.

How Is renewable energy harmful?

Renewable energy is not really harmful in any way. When it is turned into electricity it can kill you, like all electricity.

What are the negative effects of electricity?

For a start, under certain circumstances it may kill you.

How can you kill sabretooth?

By Fire or Electricity or laser or Wolverine(the hero) but.......(not a hero infact).

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