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Yes. They can be made via nuclear reactions, exposure to certain types of radiation, and in particle accelerators.

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Q: Can elements be made synthetically
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What elements from the periodic table are synthetically made?

elements after uranium (atomic number 92) are all artificially made.

Do all the 116 known elements occur naturally on Earth?

No, only the elements up to Uranium (Z=92) occur naturally on Earth. The rest have only been made synthetically, because of their radioactivity which renders them unstable and thus unable to exist naturally. The synthetically made elements are called transuranic elements.

Is fullerene made synthetically?

Yes, it is.

What does synthetically made mean?

It means man-made.

Is iron 59 made synthetically?

no, unless it is not

Does every element occur naturally?

No. There are twenty elements that can only be produced synthetically.

Is olive oil made synthetically?

If it's made synthetically, then it's no longer "Olive oil" -There is NO substitute for real virgin olive oil.

Does copper occur naturally or made synthetically?

Copper occurs natually, it is one of the Elements of the Periodic Table. It's found in crystal-like pieces, with copper ore.

Is E151 vegetarian?

E151 is an azo dye and is made synthetically.

Is xenon element found naturally or synthetically made?

it is naturally found

Why is nylon important?

It was the first synthetically (chemically) made fabric. Before then, people had to use cotton and wool. It was the first synthetically (chemically) made fabric. Before then, people had to use cotton and wool.

What are the elements of radioactivity?

Some of the elements on the Periodic Table are Radioactive. This means that their nuclei decay to form other elements in a decay chain. There are currently 33 known radioactive elements of which 20 are currently produced synthetically.

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