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Yes. Using the mail header it is easy to track the IP address of the machine from where the email has sent.


There are also more complicated ways that federal agencies use involving satellites to get a more accurate trace, the ones with the headers are completely inaccurate and may even take you to the internet Service Provider's location.

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How are computer viruses spread?

they were spread by emails sent

What do you call letters written on a computer and sent over the internet?


How many emails have been sent?

There is no way to accurately tell how many emails have been sent but it is in the quadrillions

What happenes if you download an illegal song?

Your computer/phone/device will be tracked down and they you'll be sent to juvinile/jail depending on your age

What types of information can be sent over a computer?

The only type of information that can be sent over a computer is digital information. This information can take the form of emails, texts, messaging, or a myriad of other forms of communication.

How many emails are sent in the UK everyday?

Around about 7 billion emails are sent daily in the UK. :O

How do you count the number of emails you sent to different people?

You go to your sent items in you email account thing ank at how many you have sent. Then you count each email you sent to the person. Then you will know how many emails you sent to that person. Repeat this method to find out how many emails you sent to other people.

What is a zip code on emails?

There is no zip code for emails, since a zip code designates a physical geographical area somewhere in the United States. An email is sent from one computer to a specific email address, accessed on the recipient's computer. The sending computer and the receiving computer can be anywhere, and are not tied to physical locations.

How do you cancel an email sent in error?

GO to sent emails then click delete all emails and it will be deleted.sencirlywolfysonic

Why are emails listed as queued and not sent?

Emails can be listed as queued instead of sent if there is a problem with an email server. This basically means it is on hold and will be sent when everything clears.

How are emails sent?

After they are sent by the user it travels down the power cord and into the phone lines and up through the receiver`s power cord and into the computer/laptops clip board

How many emails are sent in a year?

The average of emails that are sent a year is 9 billion, which is subject to change. Since people are always sending and receiving mail, the count of emails in a year is endless.

How many emails were sent in 2004?

According to recent studies there is over 294 Billion emails sent per day. Only 1.9 Billion of the 294 Billion emails were from actual people.

What is the difference between inbox and sent items?

Your email inbox is a folder in which incoming emails are stored until you get round to reading them. The sent items are emails that you have previously sent to someone else.

How many emails are sent a day?


What percent of emails sent is spam?


What is it called to get sent unwanted emails?


What is in the sent items?

The send items folder in outlook/hotmail relates to emails that have been sent from that email account. They act as a history of sent emails that can be read again or prove that the email was sent on a certain date, sent to certain people etc.

Can sent emails be retrieved using WiFi?

Yes. I always use WiFi, and I can retrieve emails.

Do you need a landline to sent emails?

No. You just need an internet connection in order to send emails.

How do you change settings on computer to send emails?

A computer generally allows to send Emails. There is no restriction which makes to stop emails. Gmail is such a kind of Email service by Google.

How many emails are sent every day?

When emails first came out, only about a thousand were sent a day. Now, over 2.5 million a second. Every day, over 350 billion are sent.

Why can emails be bad?

It is normally because of the security and amount of chain mail that gets sent through emails.

Can you be tracked on Facebook?

Yes you can. I don't have a lot of time to explain but google it. Information about you is profiled on Facebook and sent to the CIA. So yes you are being tracked.

How long does it take for a Facebook confirmation email to be sent?

Facebook confirmation emails are generally sent immediately. The process is automatic. No one is sending the emails for Facebook behind the scenes.

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