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First law of thermodynamics: energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

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Exponential Technology was created in 1993.

Exponential function was created by John Napier and Joost Burgi, independently of each other. Napier was from Scotland, and his work was published in 1614, while Burgi, a native of Switzerland, developed his work in 1620.

Ewald Georg von Kliest, in 1745, created the leydon jar, the forerunner of the modern capacitor.

Rene Descartes in 1637. Archimedes created a similar system. <Original Answer> Archimedes. his exponential counting system created to help him calculate the amount of sand needed to fill the universe [in the Sand Reckoner]

It depends, you have to know which variable (Temperature/Pressure/Volume) is constant, see here

Inductance is the field created when sending a charge through a coil of wire. It's used for shunts in systems to prevent damage from shorts. So I guess if you could neutralize the charge between two coils with large capacitors ,bouncing the current back and forth like a doubler, it may be possible.

Anything that uses electricity. Hydroelectric energy is just energy created by water spinning turbines which uses giant capacitors to store and transmit energy. things: lighting houses, appliances, street lights, computers, TVs, ect....anything that uses electricity

Caps can be used as batteries, but the use is limited to relatively small power using purposes. Although there has been tremendous improvement in the electrical storage capacity of capacitors, there is still a limiting factor of power "density." or how much power they can hold, related to their size. That said, capicitors are already being used as "batteries" in/on the flashlights that one either turns a crank or "shakes" to charge. They are used in "identification" transponders that are embeded under a pets skin, or for many other uses. As the transponder moves past an interrogation device, or a "wand" is moved over the transponder, an electrical field created momentarily charges a capicitor(s) in the transponder, which then in one small burst transmits to the interrogation devicethe code or info stored in the transponder.

This question refers to the phenomena of making a washer rise when it is in a superconducting state. This is a popular science demonstration experiment. Normal superconductors will not allow the penetration of a magnetic field into its interior. This is accomplished by creating a current distribution on the surface that is arranged to exactly cancel the externally created field in the interior of the superconductor. The induced current is an electromagnet and has an external magnetic field. As with any magnet, there is a force then between the electromagnet and the external magnetic field source. They repel and the washer moves.

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Created By was created in 1993.

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A capacitor is a device that can store electrical charge. Because it can store a charge and then release that charge, it resists any change of voltage across it.Because of this, it can be used to "damp" changes in voltage, and it can also be used to block DC while permitting AC to "pass through" it (which is called filtering or coupling, depending on the circuit).Other answersThe capacitor's ability to store and release electrical charge can be applied in a number of ways in electronic circuits and it makes the capacitor an indispensable electronic component.A capacitor is employed in simple rectifiers to smooth the top of the rectified DC output.In some applications a capacitor can be used to reduce the spark created by the opening of the points on a switch or relay. (It also couples much of the "noise" of the spark across itself to keep it out of the circuit.)A capacitor combined with an inductor (coil) is the basis of a radio receiver circuit. (Capacitance and inductance can loosely be described as opposites of each other.)Capacitors are also used in filter circuits; they are used to block the DC and low-frequency components of electrical signals in amplifiers and other circuits.A capacitor can be combined with other components to provide timing in circuits, or affect some "selectivity" of frequencies in circuits.Capacitors also find broad application wherein they couple signals from one part or stage of a circuit to another stage.A capacitor stores charge and can then quickly release most of this charge when it is needed. For example, capacitors are often used in car stereo systems and hooked up to the sub-woofer speaker because the loud bass "boom" sounds require a lot of power: the capacitors store a steady amount of charge and then quickly release it when the sub needs it for its boom.A capacitor is a device that is designed to store electric charge in a circuit. It is this capability that enables it to be used for smoothing voltages as in rectifier circuits, coupling as in amplifier circuits, power factor collection in inductive circuits, phase shifting as in capacitor start motors and double fluorescent tube fittings. capasitors is use to get the AMP, battery, cap1,cap2.Capacitors are used to store and release electrical charge and also they allow ac currents to pass through them whilst they block dc currents.More detailed answerCapacitors are used in many ways and are a key component in most electronic devices. A capacitor can be an energy storage device storing electrical energy until needed, and a filter which allows AC voltage to pass through the circuit, while at the same time, prevent DC voltage from flowing.They can be used as a buffering device to absorb excessive voltage spikes due to lightning strikes or the opening or closing switches, and can also form and filter different wave shapes and frequencies, allowing certain frequencies to pass, while blocking others. Additionally, capacitors can also be combined to make voltage multipliers act as transformers.One good use of a capacitor is to smooth the direct current produced by a full wave rectifier. It fills in the dips of current for a more steady flow like from a battery.That is another reason they are used on heavy power amps for speakers in cars. They help fill in the power dips from the battery to the amp when heavy bass is active.Capacitors are components that are used to store an electrical charge and are used in timer circuits. A capacitor may be used with a resistor to produce a timer. Sometimes capacitors are used to smooth a current in a circuit as they can prevent false triggering of other components such as relays.

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