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It could, but it could also mean you ate a bad cheeseburger.


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If by sick, you mean nauseated ... it'll get worse. But Dizzy is something to see your OB man about, could be dehydration, or together they might be flu. Don't ignore it.

i been feeling a kick in my stomach snd i been feeling sick but i seen my period every month and every time i eat it make me sick

Yes. Morning sickness is rarely just in the mornings. Many people get sick at night when they are pregnant

Being sick in the morning is either you being pregnant or nat having enough sleep

Just as every woman is different, every woman's pregnancy symptoms are different. So yes, some pregnant women get sick at night, others don't.

Headaches Feeling sick/actually being sick Positive pregnant test Exhausted Emotional and moody Sore/tender breasts

More than likely, you are not pregnant. However, if you think you may be, I recommend taking a HPT.

missed period, nipples are dark, breasts grow, feeling sick/nausea

it can mean anything might be pg, your having or starting your period, you might have the flu or stomach flu.

Don't worry, if your Sim is pregnant and is being sick, it simply has morning sickness.

If you are sick while pregnant it does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the baby, it can just mean that you are just suffering from a regular sickness.

Possibly. Everyone's different. It could be a coincidence. You should take a home pregnancy test.

you could start feeling sick but uslayy u just get a plump in ur stomach

You could be pregnant, starting to get sick, or your just not feeling to good for the day.

when you feel like your gaining weight or when your always hungry and craving foods and feeling sick and moody!

not necessarily . But keep check on your cycle ,if you miss your period you surely could be

It can, but it usually just means they're feeling sick. If the dog is eating grass a lot and/or you think she might be pregnant, then she really needs to go to the vet. Pregnancy can be dangerous without the proper medical care.

no sweety,that's just a sign telling you that your PERIOD is about to come.

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