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No. Not biologically possible.

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Q: Can female cat pregnant without a male cat?
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Can female cats get babies without a male cat?

No, a female cat cannot get pregnant without a male cat.

What do you call a male cat and female cat?

A male cat is a tom, a female cat is a she-cat, and a pregnant female cat is a queen.

How can a cat get another cat pregnant?

a male cat has intercourse with a female cat

How do you get the female cat pregnant by a male cat?

You can't....just get a male and a female and it's their choice whether they breed or not.

Can a female cat have kittens without a male cat?


Can a neutered male cat get your female cat pregnant?

A neutered male can get your cat pregnant up to 30 days after he's been neutered. So if the cat just was neutered, keep him away from your female.

Can a female cat get pregnant by itself?

No. There has to be a male cat involved. But cats are good at walking quietly and could have gotten together without your knowledge.

How often does a female cat fall pregnant?

Anytime she mates with a male cat.

Can a 5 month male cat get a female cat pregnant?

yes yes

What is a male cat called and a female cat called?

A male cat is NOT called a "cat." The proper name is "Tom." Thus, a female cat is called a "Molly." However, if a female cat is pregnant or nursing, she is referred to as a "Queen."

Can a small male cat get a big cat pregnant?

Defiantly. If by 'small' you mean young, male cats can get a female cat pregnant at about 6 months old, until they die. So what ever the age, the female will get pregnant. Hope his helps !

Can a male cat pregnant a female dog?

No, it is impossible for a male cat to impregnate a female dog. They are two different species, and they are not able to cross-breed.

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