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yes because it just is posable

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Q: Can fuel cars run off of elctric cars?
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Do cars run on analage?

No, cars run on fuel or elecricity.

Do cars run on jet fuel?

No, jet fuel is essentially a variety of kerosene. Some tractors may run on it, but not regular cars.

Can cars run on fosil fuel?

Most cars run on fosil fuels, Petrol, Diesel,

Why is fuel important?

Fuel makes the engine work. The engine propels the vehicle.

How are the cars of the future going to be made?

There are already some fuel-cell cars out, they use a fuel cell. There have been prototypes of cars that run on water. Cars that run on hydrogen also. Electric cars definitely

What fuels do the cars in Finland run on?

finsuel fuel

Does a car run after the airbag goes off?

Yes!More accurate answer:Most cars do not run after the airbag goes off. The system shuts off the fuel pump in a crash. This can be reset and the car could run again if not damaged to badly.

What do cars run on fuel?

Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LPG.

What kind of fuel did the earliest cars run on?

coal and then diesel

In the future what fuel will cars be run by?

water, electric, air.

What would you use to run your cars with no fossil fuels?

We will have to run electric cars, which exist today. There is talk also of cars that run on compressed air. Hydrogen is another fuel source that will run cars if we can manufacture it cheaply enough, and store it safely in the cars.

Do electric smart cars have good fuel economy?

Yes SmartCar sells electric cares that have great fuel economy. These cars are small, compact and run off of electricity instead of gas. They are a great evironmentally friendly car.

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