Can game ranger give you viruses?

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I Downloaded it and dident give a virus to its a no
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Do game sites give viruses?

it really depends on which one. like ones that make you download/install their programs. But if you can you can use a virus scan daily.

Does the game gunz the duel give viruses?

If you are thinking it has got a virus then their must be these reasons. If you download it and you are not from America then it will give virus(es)- dont ask me how- I d

Will game websites give you viruses?

Sites like, and addicting games will not give viruses but may implant cookies on your computer. I doubt there are any game websites with viruses beca

Does computer games gives you viruses?

Most Likely No... But it Depends In thee Online Paqe You qo to Bcus Somee Can qivee You viruses.Hope That qives You an answer

Is Minecraft the game give viruses?

no, at least not in beta. I have a few friends who stay away from this game do to the fact that it is priced in pounds (I live in the US) but definitely don't be deterred, thi

What kind of games give you viruses?

not so much games nowadays, it's mostly in a file named a keygen, which is a hacking file, but most of its on a file share like mega upload, that people put on there to make m
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Does scary maze game give viruses?

No it doesn't. It just serve it's purpose to frighten the players upon finishing the game.
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What are games don't give you viruses?

If you're wondering what games don't give you viruses, look for ones that have valid makers and are O.K. with your antivirus program. Also, sometimes it's not the game that
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Does the game FACADE give viruses?

Just because a lot of people play it doesn't mean it doesn't contain a virus! The fact is once I installed the game a weird process was running in the background which I later