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Garlic & Onions have Allicin and Sulfur Compounds in them that is an antimicrobial, fungicidal and antiviral as well as being a natural Antibiotic.

The strong smell in both these plants is where their strengths lie.

Once cooked the plants no longer have germ killing properties, it has to be RAW!

But garlic is your real key, it is stronger than onions.

You don't even have to chew it!

Just slice or break it open (the inside of the cloves have to be exposed) into pieces small enough to swallow whole.

Swallow like a pill without chewing.

Eat a piece of bread first if you get indigestion easily.

It fits in your pocket and lasts forever before going bad!

Take with Vitamin-C and Vitamin-D for added protection!

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The common cold is a virus, and there is no way currently to cure a virus of any kind, which is why anything you buy from the pharmacy only relieves the symptoms, it doesn't kill the virus. A cold just has to run its course. On the other hand, if you do not have a cold it's good to take supplements or eat foods that will help build your immune system to fight off viruses and other disease causing agents. I believe Garlic helps to build the immune system.

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Probably not. However, just how "ineffective" the garlic cloves will be depends on the cause of the cough. E.g if it's a simple viral cough, eating garlic will provide some additional vitamin C, which may or may not help recovery. (Medical studies now suggest that vitamin C will only shorten duration of a cold when huge dosages are taken at the very beginning of getting the cold. And even then it will only help in a quarter of cases). However garlic does not contain much vitamin C, or much of anything else useful for reducing a cough.

However if the coughing is due to pneumonia, Asthma, emphysema (or anything more unusual than a viral cough), then garlic will be fairly useless.

Either way, if the cough lingers see your GP/family doctor.

The bottom line is that garlic seems to be great for anything stomach related. Chop up a clove or two, put it on a spoon, and swallow it down. Garlic is a great cure-all for a lot of things but I have found them often to be gut related problems.

when you have a cogh you will need to go to the doctors itn depends on if you have had it for a few daYS

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Studies have shown that garlic or garlic supplements may help a head cold. It would be more beneficial to take the garlic before a cold, as it may help to prevent it.

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Q: Can garlic cure head colds
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