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Why would you think this? Having your bellybutton pierced externally will no effect your stomach which is internal.

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Q: Can getting your bellybutton pierced make you hungry all the time?
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How long does it take for a first time bellybutton piercing to heal?

Typically it takes a month or two for your bellybutton to go throught he initial healing phase. When i first got my bellybutton pierced it took around 4 months because my body rejects piercings.. so if you are like me you want to make sure that you take extremely good care of it by cleaning the surface of your bellybutton on a daily basis and you also want to make sure you are moving your bellybutton ring so it doesn't get infected. Hope this helps :)

Does playing a instrument make you hungry?

This really is an unnecessary question. Yet for me, it keeps me from getting hungry.

How does god make a bellybutton?

A bellybutton is the result of the umbilical cord being cut and tied off. God does not make them.

I got my bellybutton pierced with a ring as opose to a bar not by choice.. will is make a difference when I go to change the earring and I choose to wear a bar?

no. i got mine pierced with a hoop and then like three weeks after i got it i put a bar in it and it was fine. it doesnt really make a difference as long as its meant for you belly button

Can belly button piercings make you sterile?

No. Some men get their penis / testicles pierced and they are not sterile. But aside from that, your belly button is NOT a reproductive organ. So you cannot become sterile from piercing your bellybutton.

What hurts more getting your ears pierced or getting your tongue pierced?

Getting your tongue pierced hurts more. It's going to be sore for longer, make speech slightly slurred, and you may drool on yourself. Eat cold things for a day or two. After being pierced, it may feel warm/hot and the cold feels really good.

Does getting your right eyebrow pierced make you gay?

No. Nothing can make you gay. You are either born gay or you're not.

Will getting your navel pierced cause swelling and make me look pregnant?

It will swell but not enough to make you look pregnant.

Is it true pushing on your bellybutton will make you pee?

it can, if you have to pee

Does marijauna make you hungry?

yes, marijuana induces hunger, also known as getting the "munchies"

What can you buy your sixteen year old sister for Christmas?

Make-up? Getting her ears pierced? Hope this helps

Can you get your ears pierced at Claires?

Yes, but only if you are getting your lobes pierced. Andsee if they have guns that just came out of the package that haven't been used on anybody before. And when choosing earrings, choose some that are made of pure gold. And make sure the person who is piercing your ears has pierced ears many times before. And if you are getting your cartilage pierced go someplace else besides Claire's.

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