Can girls be abusive too

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The ability to be abusive is not determined by gender, it is determined by personality.

Both males and females can be abusive.

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Q: Can girls be abusive too
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Why is the mosquito device bad?

Because the whole thing is to do with abusive and if abusive is bad and against the law this should be too

How do you know if a guy is too controlling?

he starts to act abusive

How many people die in an abusive relationship?

Too many.

How do most abusive relationships start?

Most abusive relationships start off pleasant and you think you are in love, but then everything goes down hill when you get use to the person. Not all abusive relationships are from the guys or the girls so be careful and safe!

How girls get battery?

Battered- they are in abusive relationships, battery is the name of the crime when physical abuse is present.

Where can you find help if you are in an abusive relationship?

the boys and girls town national hotline or your counselor or a parent

What does flegea mean?

Flegea is strictly inappropriate language used to describe abusive relationships between boys and girls.

When was Girls Lie Too created?

Girls Lie Too was created on 2004-04-19.

When was Girls Ride Horses Too created?

Girls Ride Horses Too was created in 1987.

If a child grows up in an abusive home will the child grow up to be abusive too?

They have quite a high likely hood of growing up abusive if they grow up in an abusive home. Some children do find a good and inspiriational adult they want to be like and so they mimic behaviour. Although if the child follows their siblings and parents behaviour they will brcome abusive. Hope this helps!:)

Are women abusive?

The question is far too inclusive. As with all such questions the answer can only be that some are, most are not.

Does tickling affect speech in young children?

Not particularly. However, too much tickling can quickly become abusive if it goes on too long.

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