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Goats can eat almost anything! So yes, they can eat grits.

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Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can you eat grits on the hcg diet?

Can cats eat grits?

No, a cat should never eat grits. The grits contain to many carbs and can cause the cat to have an upset stomach.

Do cows eat grits?

no they do not

What is better to eat when watching your weight grits or pancakes?

grits are low fattening my grandma has diabetes so she has to eat those

Do goats eat carrots?

yep goats eat everything!

Can baby goats eat carrots?

goats can eat carrots

How does goats eat glue?

Goats eat glue with their mouths, they does.

Why do goats get on their on knees to eat?

Goats like to get on their knees when they eat. Goats are not grazers and it is sometimes easier for them to eat while on their knees.

Can goats eat almonds?

Yes, goats can eat almonds. Goats love to eat peanuts, acorns, almonds, pecans, and much more. Goats are known for their appetites.

What animals do goats eat?

Goats are herbivores so they do not eat animals.

Is it safe for goats to eat geraniums?

No, goats should not eat geraniums. They are poisonous to goats and kill them if to much is ingested.

Can goats eat radish greens?

Yes, goats can eat radish greens. Goats love to eat all fresh greens from the garden. They also eat turnips.

Can goats eat broccolli?

Yes. Goats both eat, and love broccoli.

Can goats eat celery?

Yes goats will eat any greenery or vegetable.

Do goats eat hornets?

No goats will not eat a hornet if they try they will only do it once =)

Can goats eat green pepper?

Yes goats can eat green pepper.

Do goats eat pigs?

No goats are herbivorous as in eat only plants and vegetation.

Can goats eat green beans?

Goats will eat anything green.

Can goats eat asparagus?

Yes, goats can eat asparagus. Goats actually love asparagus and will eat it any chance that they get especially in peoples gardens.

Can grits kill ants?

yes but eat them first

What to do with expired grits?

if it hasn't been opened, eat it

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