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Can governor suspend a chief minister in India?

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2007-09-23 14:34:09

Governor-Chief Minister's Constitutional Relationship The Chief

Minister of any State is appointed by the Governor of that State.

The CM is the leader of the majority party in the State

Legislature. The Governor has the power to dismiss the Chief

Minister or Council of Ministers, only when the Legislative

Assembly has expressed his opinion by direct vote of No Confidence

or Censure or by defeating an important measure, and the Governor

does not think fit to dissolve the Assembly.

The Supreme Court in S.R Bommai v. Union of India case observed

that wherever a doubt arises whether a Ministry has lost confidence

of the House, the only way of testing is on the floor of the House.

It should be noted that the assessment of the strength of the

Ministry is not a matter of private opinion of any individual.

Natasha Guria

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