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the first governor of the portuguese in India was


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An explorer, Born in 1469 in Sines, Portugal. Famous because, he was the first Portuguese to reach India. He was the governor of Portuguese India. Died in India, in a southern part in the age of 64, on 1524.

Vasco da Gama sailed to India in 1498. He was also Governor of Portuguese India under the title of Viceroy.

vascoda gama is the first portuguese came to india

Goa was the first Portuguese colony in India.

The first Governor of India was Chakroborty Raja Gopalachari.

who was first lady governor of india

Warren Hastings was the first Governor General of India.

The first Portuguese explorer to reach India was PERO DA KUVIA. Vasco Da Gama was the first Portuguese explorer to reach India by SEA ROUTE.

Warren Hastings is the first Governor General of India. And Lord Mountbatten is the firs Governor General of independent India.

the portuguese were the first to trade in india...........

The first Governor-General of India (British India) was Warren Hastings. He served as Governor-General during the time period of 1773 to 1785

The Portuguese came first as traders to India.

The First Viceroy & Governor-General of British India was

Sarojini Naidu was the first female governor in India. She was governor of Uttar Pradesh. She later became the first female president of the Indian National Congress.

Lord Mountbatten was the first Governor General of India. He was also the last British Viceroy of India before independence.

Warren Hastings was the first governor . See Related Link.

Vasco da Gama was the first Person to open Portuguese trade routes to India.

Before Portuguese or British had come to India, Mughals were the first foreigners who ruled India

Portuguese occupied Kochi by 1503 which was the first European colonial settlement in India. It remained the capital of Portuguese India until 1530, when Goa became the capital.

Lord Louis Mountbatten was the first Governor General of independent India after having overseen independence and partition of British India as the last Viceroy. He was followed by Chakeravarthi Rajagopalachari who was the first Governor General of India of Indian origin and the last Governor General as the new constitution in 1950 replaced King George VI as Emperor of India with a President and the office of Governor General thus disappeared.

it was introduced by the Portuguese

Portuguese came to India in 1498

Portuguese India ended in 1961.

Portuguese India was created in 1510.

Vasco du Gama was the Portuguese explorer who successfully completed the first all-water route to get to India. He traveled around Africa to get to India.

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