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Yes! They love them. Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin C which is essential to keeping a guinea pig healthy.

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Guinea pigs should not eat sweet pepper seeds, due to the amount of capsaicin they contain. Whenever you give sweet peppers to a guinea pig, make sure you remove all the seeds.

yes guinea pigs can eat green or red peppers as long as you mean capsicum hope this helps

Guinea pigs are not allowed to eat corn at all or if its sweet its really bad for them.

Yes, but not the really spicy ones. Guinea Pigs usually really enjoy peppers. Peppers are healthy for your guinea pig, especially fresh! Hope I can help.

I don't think so, because normal potatoes are poisonous to guinea pigs.

are you retarded to be asking this no offense cause guinea pigs cant eat that kinda food they eat like carrots peppers without seeds do you expect a guinea pig to eat that haha that's ridiculous

Yes,guinea pigs can eat green,yellow and red peppers but make sure not to give them the seeds.Well i don't anyways.Not sure if the seeds are poisonus or not.I like to stay on the safe side though:)

Hay,Carrots,Paprika,and more. I don't no what your guinea pigs like to eat. But guinea pigs may Veggies and fruit,bread and more. Don't give your guinea pigs something that sweet is.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat peaches.Generally, guinea pigs will eat anything they think smell good. The answer is yes.... guinea pigs will eat whatever they want. But I think you want to know are peaches healthy for guinea pigs they will eat it because they think they're sweet. Although guinea pigs like peaches doesn't mean that should be a replacement for food. They're diet is mainly greens, carrots, food pellots (guinea pig food), and timothy hay.

No. Guinea Pigs cannot eat beet greens. What you should give your Guinea Pig is some lettuce, or peppers. Or even carrots. We asked people and friends about their Guinea Pigs and they said those 3 veggies were the best. Guinea Pigs aren't a big fan on fruits. So mostly stick with veggies.

Guinea pigs can indeed consume silver-beet safely. Guinea pigs can also safely consume broccoli, carrots, apples, beans, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.

yes green and red bell peppers can be fed to guinea pigs and they are a high source of vitamin c. But do not confuse the red bell pepper with the red hot pepper.Yes, it is highly advisable. Green peppers are one of the vegetables that can be given to a guinea pig on a daily basis.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. My three guinea pigs love them! But don't give them too much because they are a very sweet fruit and sometimes they give the piggies stomach aches. I hope this answer helped you!

no guinea pigs do not eat bread

Pigs will eat nearly anything. Whether peppers are good for them is another matter.

You eat guinea pigs in Australia, but only dumb people eat guinea pigs

Guinea pigs eat twice a day.

no, guinea pigs dont eat meat.

Yes they do! they eat any Peppers

no. guinea pigs dont eat their young.

No, guinea pigs are vegetarians.

the contry where they eat guinea pigs is in PERU

no guinea pigscan not eatrosemary itmakes them sick

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