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Can guinea pigs go in water?


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definatly not that would scare them and they can die from fright

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because the water and the drainage water will not go inside the nose of the pigs

Although Guinea pigs get water from their food,water is essential for Guinea Pigs.You should place fresh water daily in Guinea pig cages.Guinea Pigs need a huge amount of water in summer.

guinea pigs go into heat, they go through the cycle but do not have a period (bleed).

yes females guinea pigs go in heat.....

No there is not special water for guinea pigs. Although there are vitamin drops you can put in the water. I currently have a guinea pig and I give her tap water with nothing added.

Guinea pigs, like all pets, should ALWAYS have drinking water available.

Guinea pigs can't because its sugar.

Yes female guinea pigs can go into heat once every 2 months, the exat date for your pigs heat depends on the guinea pig. Your guinea pig can be in heat once it is born, yes guinea pigs can breed when they are babies.

No guinea pigs cannot go camping because it is very easy for a hawk to swoop down and take the guinea from you.

No, guinea pigs do not need vaccinations.

yes, guinea pigs can go into cardiac arrest.

Guinea pigs needs to have fresh, room temperature water available at all times.

some guinea pigs love the water, others don't. Its all down to the preference of the individual

No of course not, but how ever they call it that because guinea "pigs" eat alot and go alot.

Guinea pigs don't really drink anything but water.

All of my guinea pigs tend to go crazy when i let them out. When they go onto the carpet, they jump, its like they stepped on a pin. On of my friends accidentally sprayed water on them, and then ran back into their house.

Female guinea pigs go on heat every 14 days, but only for 8 hours.

Yes and No. Some guinea pigs like water and some don't so if your guinea pig jumps out of the water. Don't try to put it in water again, unless it starts to like it.

guinea pigs drink normal drinking water.

Questions about guinea pigs include:Can all guinea pigs breed?Do all guinea pigs get along with other guinea pigs?What is their habitat?

Well im about to get two guinea pigs and im kind of new at all the research and guinea stuff but guinea pigs have to go to the vet so I guess you would find out at the vet.

If they go in your guine pigs water yes! Why? Guinea pigs often will refuse to drink if you add something to their water. Instead of vitamins feed you guinea pigs: a quality pelleted food like oxbow or kleeman's loft, unlimited grass hay, and at least 1 cup of vegetables and a bit of fruit daily.

Guinea pigs can swim but only in shallow water, NEVER let them out of your sight and don't put them in with salt or chlorinated water

Most guinea pigs love cucumber and due to its high water content can be a good water source on hot days.

No, guinea pigs can go their whole lives without breeding its not necessary for their survival.

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