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Can having a yeast infection during pregnancy hurt the baby inside the womb or at birth?

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It could coplicate your pregnancy as well as cause general discomfort. A trip to you nurse practioner, doctor or local health dept can easily solve this problem for you.

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How do you gain weight during a pregnancy?

A baby grows inside of you

If your on birth control and a guy has cumed inside you and your cramping can you be pregnant?

Cramping isn't a sign of pregnancy, but it may be a sign of infection. If you're having pain, see your health care provider for an exam. If you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.

What is can happen if a condom get stuck inside you?

Pregnancy if you are female and it's a foreign object so eventually there will be a infection.

What is hemorrhaging during pregnancy?

Hemorrhaging is the scientific name for bleeding, either inside the body or out of it. So it means bleeding during pregnancy, and probably beacuse of the pregnancy in some way.

Where does the fetus develop during pregnancy?

In the amniotic sac which is inside the uterus.

Is it safe to release sperm inside during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe.

What are the effects of antiretroviral drugs to the fetus inside the womb?

Your physician will give you medicine for retrovirus infection throughout the pregnancy.

Is it dangerous to pee inside a woman whilst having intercourse?

Yes it can cause her an infection.

Can an ectopic pregnancy give you a urinary trackt infection?

That would not be likely as there is no real connection between what is happening in the reproductive system and the inside of the urethra except at the point where it ends to release urine. besides an ectopic pregnancy is itself not an infection.

If parts of the embryo is still inside you can you still be pregnant?

You will get infection if the remains are not removed. And no, once the embryo died the pregnancy ended.

Is leaving semen inside during pregnancy allowed?

YES, there is nothing wrong with having sex and leaving ejaculate in the vaginal canal when a women is pregnant, as long as she is comfortable, it is perfectly okay.

Is abdomen pressure okay during pregnancy?

Yes, this is what happens when there is a fetus growing inside of you.

I had sperm inside my vagina during my period Can this lead to pregnancy?

it can there is never an 100 % chane you cant get pregnant , but most likely not Sperm in the vagina during Menstruation (periods) will not lead to pregnancy.

What does the uterus feel like internally during pregnancy?

The uterus feels like the inside of your vagina

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you put your penis inside her and then pulled it out but you're not sure if you precame or not?

Yes she can. Use protection against pregnancy and infection. Or just say NO

During pregnancy does your stomach beat faster than your heart rate?

During pregnancy, the beat inside the stomach is typically the baby's heart beat. Babies have faster heartbeats normally than adults.

Having a miscarriage if you do not go to doctor will you be ok?

If you have remains, which many has, they will decompose inside you and cause a serious infection. You have to see a doctor.

What is womb growth?

During pregnancy, a woman's womb (uterus) will expand to accommodate the growing human inside her.

When to have IE during pregnancy?

IE is Internet Explorer using wifi inside the va-J-J.

What is the function of the umbilical cord during pregnancy?

it gives food or drinks to the baby while it is inside the womb.

What happen if during pregnancy semen ejaculate inside of vagina?

Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

How do you get three water bags during your pregnancy?

Three water bags during pregnancy would most likely indicate more than one child. Each child is inside one "water" bag.

He came inside can pregnancy be the result?

Hi Your question is: He came inside can pregnancy be the result? Any time you have unprotected sex this can result in pregnancy.

Is semen release inside during pregnancy period unsafe?

It's perfectly safe to have sex whilst pregnant.

Why some women belly looks big during pregnancy?

The belly is big because inside is the baby growing