Can having wire implants in your jaw cause metal toxicity?

No, it is highly unlikely. The best way to know for sure what component metals and alloys are in surgical implants is to ask the surgeon, and specifically ask about any potential for toxicity. Your surgeon can then explain exactly what will be used in the surgical implant and allay your concern.

Studies have shown that most metals used in surgical implant procedures are non-reactive and non-toxic, such as stainless steel, a common metal used in surgical wire. In the past there have been some concerns about only a very few components in metals used in the human body that under certain conditions were water soluble and created some chemical instability, such as cobalt-chromium alloy when used with stainless steel. However, this same alloy was stable when coupled with titanium. The likelihood of any of these same component metals being used in modern jaw procedures, especially in the US, is extremely low.

If you have already had an implant of wires and for some reason are having problems or symptoms that you may be associating with metal toxicity, you should contact your surgeon to discuss the symptoms. There may be other reasons for the symptoms that should be treated.