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No, health insurance premia is not based on gender of the insured.


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Annual Premium= Annual Base Premium * Driver-Rating Factor To get annual base premium the formula is... Annual base Premium= Liability Premium + Collision Premium + Comprehensive Premium.

The health care reform will have many affects on health insurance. Here are some of the key changes: -The idividual mandate requires that almost all americans sign up for a health insurance plan in 2014. -Insurance companies are no longer allowed to base plan rates on pre-existing conditions. Premium rates are allowed to be based on age, tobacco use, family size, and geogrphy only. -All insurance plans must cover a set of essential health benefits. -Insurance companies must guarantee renewability -Insurers are required to maintain a single state-wide risk pool for both individuals and small businesses -All premium rate increases must be reported

When you're doing simple base premium, just multiply the base premium byt the rating factor. So 109.20 x 1.95, which is 212.94.

Medical insurance for Canada can be purchased on the website International Health Insurance, having over 50,000 clients over the world with its base in Canada.

The Benefits of purchasing return of Premium Term Life Insurance is that at the end of the coverage period that you selected, you can choose to get a lump sum payment on the base premium amount you have paid out. You can use the money as you choose, supplement your income at retirement, send your children to college, pay for personal expenses or for something else you would like.

Insurance Salesman generally work on a commission basis, but their commission may include a base salary. Considering that the percentage of commission is constant regardless of premium size, an insurance salesman's income can be unlimited. Suppose the insurance premium for an apartment building is $40,000 per year, and the commission percentage is 15%. The agent would earn a yearly income of $6,000 for that single policy.

That's up to the court which will base its decision on state law, the relative economic levels of the parties involved and perhaps who carries the health insurance that covers the chid.That's up to the court which will base its decision on state law, the relative economic levels of the parties involved and perhaps who carries the health insurance that covers the chid.That's up to the court which will base its decision on state law, the relative economic levels of the parties involved and perhaps who carries the health insurance that covers the chid.That's up to the court which will base its decision on state law, the relative economic levels of the parties involved and perhaps who carries the health insurance that covers the chid.

The MSRP price on a non-convertible 2010 Mustang is V6 Base 20,995 V6 Premium 23,995 GT base 27,995 GT Premium 30,995 The MSRP price on convertible 2010 Mustang is V6 Base 25,995 V6 Premium 28,995 GT base 32,995 GT Premium 35,995

Insurance base their premium rates on a variety of factors. The vehicle plays a part but not necessarily a major one. So the answer is maybe.

Alfa insurance company offers a broad base of insurance. They have plans to fit all your needs including auto, health, dental, life. The benefit of going with Alfa is being able to have your insurance needs met by one company.

Insurance depends mostly on the driver (gender, age, number of claims you have, driving record, safe driver training). Specifically, camaros are priced lower than imports so they will be lower to insure vs non-domestics of the same type (muscle/pony type cars). If you upgrade packages from the base model (i.e. V6 non RS), the insurance premium goes up because these parts increase the repair cost of the vehicle should it become damaged. Insurance premiums are all risk-assessment based fees.

Workers compensation and employers' indemnity insurance is calculated on a base premium. That is then modified by a factor attributable by the type of business of the insured and the aggregate payroll.

Most of the insurance companies have a mandatory requirement of 24 hours hospitalization. However, insurance companies like ICICI Lombard, Apollo Munich, Cigna TTK and MAX Bupa cover OPD (outpatient department) expenses in their base mediclaim policy, while companies like National Insurance offer an OPD cover as a rider at an additional premium.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer medical insurance on a three month base only. However, offers critical reviews of insurers, as well as contact informtion. (Pricing varies by individual.)

This is a very difficult question to answer. Life insurance premiums are calculated on three main factors, they are:1. Mortality factor: the death rate in a given population of the area in which an applicant lives. Companies use these mortality tables to help predict life expectancy and probability of death in any given group.2.Interest factor: insurance companies' like their premiums paid annually, so they may invest that premium in an attempt to earn interest. (this interest is one of the ways an insured may lower his/her premium rate)3.Expense factor: insurance companies are like any other business, they have operating costs which NEED to be factored in when determining a premium for an applicant. An example of making your premium higher: say instead of the standard annual payment you choose to pay quarterly. The company will then need to pay more people and receive additional charges and bills for collecting your four payments. So in simpler terms, the higher frequency of payments = a higher premium.There are also smaller factors that are involved in determining a person's premium. These include but may not be limited to:1.Age- the older the person, the higher probability of death or disability2.Sex/gender- women tend to live longer than men, so their premiums are usually lower3.Health- poor health means high chance of death or disability4.Occupation- a hazardous job increases the risk of a potential loss5.Hobbies- high risk hobbies also increases risk of loss (example: base jumping, gear free mountain climbing, even traveling to dangerous places like Uganda or an uncharted part of the rain forest)6.Habits- the classic habit: smoking cigarettes. Habits that can shorten your life span or are dangerous for your health play a big role in premium calculations.These are just basic factors in determining an applicant's premium there are many more though. I hoped I helped answer your question.

Auto insurance rating multiplies the base insurance rate for a car times the factor for the driver. So a car which has bad experience, multiplied by teen driver (much more likely to kill someone in an accident), results in higher premium.

Not so dire, if you are uninsured, illegal alien, etc, you will get care, all you need to do is step into and ER. They are required to treat you, then if you can' t pay for your hospital stay, they will find free care for don't think that people who do not have health insurance cannot find care.. baloney. Okay, do not listen to this absent minded redneck. Health Insurance was greatly needed for a long time and then a bill was approved that allowed health insurance for everyone. Look at Denmark and see how great they're doing with free health insurance. We are a long way off from perfection and this is just one step needed to take. I know I sound biased, but I only base my observations off of past civilization anthropology.

Tricare Prime is not a "stand alone" plan. Tricare Prime is TRICARE Prime Supplemental Insurance Plan de¬signed to help pay your cost share and copayments under TRICARE (In-Network and Out-of-Network expenses). It was modeled as an HMO. Your Tricare Standard/Extra Plan is the base coverage.

Hartford Insurance was founding in 1810 as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. However, they have changed their name and base of operations since then.

The premium for your insurance depends upon factors in addition to those that you have provided. Variables include: the insurance company giving the premium quote, where you live/where the car is garaged (if different from where you live), whether you maintain other insurance on the car (collision, comprehensive, etc.), whether you are entitled to other discounts that the insurer may offer in your circumstances, such as safety equipment (airbags, etc.). Above, all, don't base your decision on price only and don't buy less insurance than you may reasonably need just because of cost.

Variable annuity insurance is insurance that has a variable year to year and it can change upon facts that change such as your base description of how you manage your life.

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