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There is nothing to say that fatty foods aren't healthy. So yes.

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Q: Can healthy food be just as tasty as fat foods?
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Does eating tasty or delicious foods make you healthy?

No, it does not. It all depends on the calories that are in the food. Just because a food is good tasting doesn't mean it's good for you.

Which foods are healthy and which are not healthy?

Well most foods are healthy just that some food have a lot of sugar in them. Fruit and Veg are the main healthy food but cakes and chocolate are high in sugar. if fry the food is going to have more fat but if you grill it will have less fat

How good Food and food habits keap us healthy?

by eating good foods that is healthy no matter what because healthy food is also good just have to put the right ingreedents thank you

What is an easy tasty and healthy salad recipe?

The easiest healthy salad is take the vegetables you really like and out them together, if you do like a ranch or any other dressing just use a little and it'll be healthy and tasty.

What are opinions about healthy food?

Opinions about healthy food:Let's just say that I'm not too excited about their existence.One may like unhealthy food, but healthy food will make you live longer.Healthy food give you more energy and unhealthy foods can drag you down.

Adding Healthy Diet Foods to Your Kitchen One at a Time?

Healthy diet food can be quite tasty if you want to take the time to learn how to prepare delicious and healthy meals. For instance, a baked eggplant sandwich can be just as good as a BLT if you prepare it with a favorite bread and dressing, and ground turkey can replace beef and sausage. Just work healthy ingredients into your meals one at a time until you have a respectable library of delicious and healthy recipes at your disposal.

What is the best food for a person with type B blood to eat?

with blood type B it is suggested that you should eat healthy food. you should eat just like the food pyramid says. have a healthy balance of all foods

Is Kosher food better or healthier than regular foods?

Sometimes it is. Pig meat is very fat, and it is not kosher. But that's just a technicality, its just as unhealthy or healthy as other food.

What healthy foods can be fried?

Almost any, they just become less healthy.

Is baby food healthy?

Baby food is one of the healthiest choices of foods available. It is lightly cooked, and minimally processed to retain the most nutrition. It's such a healthy food that some adult diets base themselves on eating just baby food.

How can you stop wanting junk foods?

just stay away from junk food places and eat fiber one bars they are healthy and have chocolate in them

What is the most unhealthy food at McDonald's?

It is hard to say what the most unhealthy McDonald's food is because of all the preservatives and additives they use. As a general rule, the foods are just not that healthy.

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