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No it will not cause a pimple breakout.

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You probably have herpes, seriously. Go to the clinic.

They are not usually a sign of herpes.

Pimples are clogged pores with oil and dirt. Herpes is a virus called herpes simplex and can be spread from one person to another.

Health problems are not connected to herpes. Some health problems can trigger break outs but they are not the actual cause of herpes.

stress, unclean skin, mentrual cycle. ect

Herpes can look like blister and/or like pimples. Typically they are grouped in a small area. After the bumps pop, they look like ulcers or sores.

Genital warts can't be popped. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum all cause genital bumps that can be popped.

No hun the flu shot doesn't cause herpes. It could trigger a break out if you get stressed out or have a lowered immune system at the time you get the flu shot. I have never had a break out after getting the flu shot but every one that has herpes is different.

pimples or herpes see a doctor

it may be the herpes zoster.

It could be herpes or ingrown hair. If you are concerned, go to your local health department and get tested.

Herpes zoster can't cause genital herpes.

Herpes simplex 1 will not cause genital herpes.

Yes, herpes can break out on your hip area.

The main risk of herpes is passing it onto a sexual partner. There are times when herpes is more contagious. Around the time a break out occurs herpes is highly contagious. While there are no signs or symptoms of a break out it's less likely to be passed on. Genital herpes doesn't affect other parts of the body, or cause other affects besides symptoms that you would have when a break out occurs.

Stress will not cause herpes; but if you have the herpes infection stress may cause an outbreak.

* Food does not cause pimples, touching your face and not washing your face twice a day causes pimples. * Too much refined (processed) carbohydrate can certainly cause pimples.

If it's an initial break out then that's possible. Herpes can cause a mild fever and flu like symptoms. But it also causes itching, burning and or tingling at the site of infection. Or it could be just a bad cold. You may have to wait and see if a break out comes, then you know it's oral herpes.

sounds more like HPV, there is a blood test for herpes but no test for men for hpv. herpes usually involve open sores during an outbreak. google HPV and genital herpes under the pictures tab and see which one looks like what you have

== == herpes It's not herpes. Its hair follicles. They are most seen on the outside edges of the lips and the corners of the mouth. They can become blackheads and pimples just like any other pore on your face.

Herpes typically appears as blisters or as papercuts. You should go to an OB/GYN or a dermatologist to diagnose the issue.

yes it does all the harmful chemicals in them cause the oils in your skin to react to them as a resault in pimples

Herpes will not cause you to go blind.

No it can not cause herpes.

Herpes can't cause hepatitis.

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