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If they act on breast tissue then yes.

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What will make breast tissue grow?

If you have alot of hormones in your body. Chicken has hormones and fish has alot of hormones to grow your breast. Try to rub your breast daily around the nipple this will help and drink lots of water and eat lots of vegeteables.

Does girls breast increase by men pressing it?

No, only hormones will make them grow unless you have surgery.

How can you grow your small breast?

If you are still in puberty your hormones will take care of that. If you are passed puberty the only option to get permanent larger breast to have implants.

How long would breast massage take befor growth results?

Breast massage does not make a breast grow. Only DNA, hormones, pregnancy, or surgery will change size.

Do mammary glands tell breast size?

If you mean if the gland is what decides the size of your breast they do not. It's in your genes and hereditary. It's the hormones that makes them grow.

Why did your breast grow a cup size?

Probably a sudden change in your hormones or if you started taking birth control.

Does massaging your breasts make then grow larger?

No, only hormones and heredity determine breast size. noo

Hormones for breast growth?

The hormones that most dramatically affect breast growth are estrogens.

What hormones make breast grow?

estrogenprogesterone somatomammotrophin growth hormone insulin corticosteroids thyroid hormones parathyroid hormone parathyroid hormone-related protein

Is a leaking breast a symptom of breast cancer?

No its hormones. If you're pregnant the body releases the hormones to increase the breast milk to feed a baby.

Is there a vacuim pump to enlarge male breast?

No. The only things that enlarge a breast is hormones. A male would have take female hormones to have a breast.

What hormones does a male need to grow female breasts?

estrogen and antigens normally found in pubescent females that cause breast growth.

Is their a way to grow your breasts faster and naturally?

Nothing will make breasts grow. Hormones and DNA determine when you will develop breasts and how small or big they will be. No creams, food, drinks, or pills will do this. The only way is to have breast implants to make a breast larger.

How you mke your breast grow?

Breast size is determined by DNA and nothing you can do to "make them grow." No food, drink, pill, or cream will make them grow. Putting on weight will often make them seem larger, but it is fat and not this is not good to carry around for very long. Pregnancy will add to your size, but again this is because of hormones. To enlarge a breast you need to do surgery.

Why does a womans breasts get larger during puberty?

Womans breast develope during puberty they grow bigger. because There hormones are starting to kick in.

How do you grow your breasts overnight?

This is not possible. Breast growth and size comes from hormones and DNA. There is no cream, pill, food, drink or massage that will make your breasts grow or enlarge. Your body does what your body does.

How do you make male breast bigger?

Female hormones or breast enlargement surgery.

How does breast milk produce?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by hormones from pregnancy.

I had a hysterectomy with one ovary left im 34 and recently my breast have grown much bigger than normal what could be the cause?

It could be possible that your brain sensed a drop in hormones since the removal of the ovary, and your other ovary is now working overtime to restabilize your hormones, resulting in an excess of hormones in the body, causing your breast to grow larger.

What start breast development?

Hormones in puberty.

Make breast milk?

Breast milk or lactation is caused by pregnancy hormones and nursing.

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