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Can horses and you save the earth?

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How many horses are in the Earth?

There are no horses in the earth, there are only horses on the earth

Can you save horses?

yes you can

Save earth slogans?

save water ,save earth

How many horses live on Earth today?

There are many species of horses that are alive and inhabit the Earth today. There are domesticated horses that are well taken care of, and feral horses that roam the Earth, there is an estimated 59,000,000 horses in the world.

How many horses are on earth?

3 million Quarter horses 3 million Arabians These are the emost popular horses on earth,

Why save earth?

save earth because we are living on it.

How do you save pets horses 2 Nintendo ds?

you don't need to save

How do you save horses?

you go to a shelter for example the Houston humane society and ask if they have horses and if they do ask to see them and then if you see one that you like you adopt it or save it

How can you save a house from earth quike?

how we can save a house from earth quike?

How do you save earth in Hindi language?

save earth information in hindi

What are the effort being made to save the horses?

Why not just put the horses in a metal house or stable.

Why should we save mother earth?

If we don't save the earth, we will have nowhere to live.

How can the earth save?

The Earth can't move, it can't save itself. It only revolves and rotate. So we should save it instead of it saving us. JUST SAVE THE EARTH LAH.

Slogans on save biodiversity?

save biodiversity save earth!

Why was the horsecollar invented?

for people to save time with horses

More slogans on deforestation?

save trees save earth forests are the green lungs of the earth, save them trees are life

What can you do to protect the Mexican Gray Wolves?

save the earth people save the earth people

Will you save the earth?

hey i will save the earth and maybe kill it i really dont know!! ~

What is the duration of Please Save My Earth?

The duration of Please Save My Earth is 1.67 hours.

When was Please Save My Earth created?

Please Save My Earth was created in 1995-02.

What are some slogans of how you take care the mother earth?

save earth , save yourself

What is the best slogan on save the earth?

A famous quote is "humans can not save the earth and live on the earth at the same time, everything we use is destroyed earth. Only way to save it is if we annihalated ourselves"

What are reasons to save and to not save Earth?

We are not capable, as humans, to save or not save the Earth. We should be more concerned about saving ourselves. The Earth will exist for many more hundreds of millions of years with or without us.

What are the top100 slogans to save trees?

save trees save the earth!

What is the best slogan on save petrol?

to save earth save petrol