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Q: Can humans get mites?
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Can humans get rabbit mites?

No, Humans cannot catch Mites from rabbits.

How do you get rid of ear mites in humans?

humans do not get ear mites only animals do.

Are spider mites dangerous to humans?

No, spider mites are not at all dangerous to humans. They do not bite humans either. The spider mites will not infest a home either.

Are bird mites harmful to humans?

Bird mites will infest humans if their host happens to die. Bird mites are harmful to people because they will bite you to get to your blood.

Can humans get mites from animals?

yes,if you have a pet with mites don't hold it or you could get mites and mites will bother you a lot. Trust me,I know.

Do mites attack humans?

Yes they can.

Can a guinea pig that has mites pass it to humans?

No, a guinea pig can not pass on mites to a human.

Can mites from a bunny or rabbit live on humans?

My vet once told me that if mites get on humans they will bite and cause itches, but they don't live or stay on humans until they die.

What is the symbiotic relationships between humans and mites?

There is none. Mites are parasitic to humans. They are generally not harmful to human health except when they cause allergies.

Can chicken mites bite humans?


Can humans gets ear mites and if so how do you get rid of them?

Yes humans can get ear mites, just as animals can, though it isn't common. Treatment includes the use of a special medication which was formulated for use on ear mites.

Can you get mites from bathing a dog with mites?

Yes, if the mite is a scabie mite it can be passed to humans, and other dogs.

Can humans get mites from a house rat?

Rat mites cannot be seen and a human can't feel the bites, but they leave itchy red marks that can look like a skin rash. The mites cannot live on humans and are not known to transmit diseases. These mites also do not live indoors.

Can humans get fur mites?

No humans cannot get fur mites. Only dogs, cats , and any other furry animal can, but humans can't unless they stay outside for more than 3 weeks.

Can infected rats give humans mites?


Can humans get the kind of mites that your pet hamster have?

No you cannot catch mites from a hamster. Mites are not zoophytic, meaning they cannot be transferred from animals to humans. They may make you itchy for a short while though if you have just touched an animal with a particularly bad case of mites, but they will die off completely in about an hour or so.

Where do hermit crab mites attach to humans?

they dont rtard

Does dust mites and and humans have more then one cell?

Dust mites, im not sure. (You should google that)But humans have billions and trillions of cells, dieing and being made every second.

Can you get mites and bird lices from birds?

No they only carry feather mites that wont affect humans... However often in wild birds nests are red mites. Very prolific, very contagious, very hard to be rid of and blood sucking little beasties. These red mites can invade your home and can bite you. They will affect humans.

How do you get rid of mites on my dogs skin?

That depends on what kind of mites your dog has, but typically removing mites requires an injection (sometimes a series of them) by your Vet. Some mites which dogs get can also be transmitted to humans, so check with your doctor, too.

What is hair follicle mites structure for defense?

Hair follicle mites are so small that most humans don't even realize they have them.

Are spider mites poisonous to humans?

No only a few are hazardous to humans ..the dust mite and scabies mite

Are red spider mites harmful to humans?

no, they are posionus and they are very harmful!

Can humans get ear mites from a dog?

No. Ear mites only choose cats/dogs as their hosts. Off of the host, they will die after 12 hours.

How do people get scrub typhus?

Scrub typhus is caused by Rickettsia tsutsugamushi. This bacteria is carried by mites or chiggers. As the mites feed on humans, they deposit the bacteria