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Can hydrogen burn?

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Yes. Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas.

Below is a link to a slow motion YouTube video showing a hydrogen filled balloon being ignited. It shows just how flammable hydrogen is. Don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing.......

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Does hydrogen burn?

Yes Hydrogen does burn

What Stars burn hydrogen?

All stars 'burn' hydrogen

How is helium and hydrogen used on a large scale?

helium does not burn, hydrogen will burn in air

Will hydrogen burn without oxygen?

yes, hydrogen will burn with oxygen if it is NT exposed to air.

What does it take to make hydrogen burn?

Hydrogen gas is highly flammable; you can make it burn with the slightest spark.

Can you get hydrogen back if you burn it?

Yes. When you burn hydrogen the product is water. If you pass an electric current through that water you can split it back into hydrogen and oxygen.

Does pure hydrogen burn in the absence of air?

No hydrogen will not burn in the absence of air unless another oxidizer is present.

How do you burn sea water?

You don't. Sea water is the combustion byproduct of hydrogen. That is, water is water you get when you burn hydrogen.

Why does hydrogen burn?

Hydrogen burns because of its natural properites.

What substance do you get when you burn hydrogen?


Does hydrogen burn red?


What is the chemical test for hydrogen?

Hydrogen burn in air releasing a typical sound.

If water is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen why doesn't it burn?

Water does not ordinarily burn because of the massive amount of energy required to break the chemical bond between Hydrogen and Oxygen. If enough heat is added to break apart this bond, then the Hydrogen will burn.

Does hydrogen burn with a squeaky pop?


How would you test a gas if it is hydrogen?

burn it?

What fuel do most stars burn?


What chemical does the sun burn?

The sun fuses hydrogen in its core. It does not burn it in the sense we are familiar with.

What stars burn up hydrogen?

All main sequence stars fuse hydrogen.

Can water catch on fire?

Water does not burn because it is already burnt: it is oxidised hydrogen. However, if heated to plasma levels, the hydrogen can be separated from the oxygen and will "burn" when the oxygen is recombined with the hydrogen upon cooling.

Has different properties than the elements that make it up?

Water. You can burn oxygen and you can burn hydrogen but you can't burn water.

What element is necessary to burn a fuel?

hydrogen is an explosive gas and it also needs oxygen to burn

What happens when hydrogen reacts with fire?

The hydrogen will ignite and burn rapidly, likely causing an explosion.

What element does the sun burn?

Hydrogen. More accurately, hydrogen-1 is converted into helium-4.

How do you produce a non luminous flame?

Burn hydrogen

At What temperature does hydrogen burn?

At 560 Degree Celsius