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No. Windows 98 it DOS based. Windows 2K and XP are NT based. The software instalation will fail.

However, iPod itself can be used with Windows 98.

Yes he is right, if it says u need such snd such you cant use anything else than that otherwise the installment will fail

Probably not entirely helpful and possibly not true, but since the iPod is in effect a USB/Firewire hard disk, you may, just may be able to find "universal" or "generic" mass storage drivers for Win98 that may make your iPod work.

It probably isn't worth the effort though.

On another note, because the iPod is, as I said before, a mass storage device, Linux probably won't have any problem reading its contents, and considering you mentioned Win98 you probably have a not-so-modern PC, and there are extremely lightweight and lean Linux distros that run easily on older hardware - I'd suggest Puppy Linux, which has a "LiveCD" version that runs entirely from a CD without touching your computer or Windows 98. You could boot off Puppy when you needed to put files in your iPod and then reboot back to 98, or you could "take the big step" and install Linux (Puppy can be installed).

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Q: Can iPod software be installed on Windows 98?
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Can Windows 98 and Windows XP use the same CDs?

No. Windows XP and Windows 98 are installed from different CDs.

Is windows 98 capable of running DOS software?

Not all but most DOS software can run on Windows 98..

Can an iPod Nano be used with Windows 98 how do you know if your iPod is apple formatted?

No to use and ipod nano you need windows xp or newer

Will software written for Windows 98 run on Windows Vista?

Many applications and games written for or compatible with Windows 98 will run on Windows Vista.

How do you make windows software xp work with Windows 98?

You probably don't. Most software designed for 98 will still work with XP; the reverse is not true.

How do you install Windows 98 software in Windows XP?

By running the setup program.

If you have just installed Windows 98 during testing it fails to start after starting Windows 98 message appears what should you do to troubleshoot this problem name at least two ways?

1. You have just installed windows 98. During testing, if fails to start after the "starting windows 98" message appears. What should you do to troubleshoot this problem? Name at least two ways.

Can an iPod Nano be charged from a Windows 98 SE PC?

Chances are, probably not. Any PC that is running Windows 98 SE probably only has USB 1.x ports, which don't carry enough 'juice' to really charge an iPod nano. Also, iTunes itself (the software manager for the iPod) requires at least Windows 2000 to run. As an alternative, Apple makes wall chargers for iPods that can be purchased for about $30.

What you can play on Windows 98?

There are thousands of games that run on Windows 98. With the proper codecs installed, virtually any type of media file can be played on Windows 98, as long as the computer is technically powerful enough for it.

Why Windows XP is good?

It is a different software that has most of the windows software's before it incorporated into it like windows 2000, windows 98, and windows 95. Windows 7 has the same thing too.

What type of partition can Windows 98 be installed on?

Windows 98 can be installed on a FAT16 or FAT32 partition (FAT32 is the best choice for disks larger than 512 MB, and supports long file names better).

Can windows7 be installed on windows 98 computer?

Windows 7 and windows 98 are both operating systems. What matters is the hardware platform. To answer the question, probably not. Most hardware platforms made in the days of windows 98 will not be sufficient for the needs of the windows 7 operating system.

Can you have Windows 98 installed in the C partition of a PC and Windows XP installed in D partition?

It is very easy to do this. The only thing you must remember is that you cannot install windows 98 from Windows XP environment. Either install 98 first and then XP or after installing XP reboot in DOS mode. The install will ask for the drive to install to when you do so?

Will software for windows work on vista?

i have a CD with software for digital maps made for windows 98 is there any way i can play it with vista

How do you networ on win 98 and novell?

You need to install the Novell Client software for Windows 98

How do you get Windows xp on ipod touch iphone?

You cannot get Windows XP on an iPod Touch or iPhone. Windows XP is software that can only be used on a PC. Windows XP will not work with the iPod Touch or iPhone. Though, you may be 'able' to, you cannot legally get Windows XP on an iPod Touch or iPhone. It is hard enough to get Windows and Apple to cooperate in the first place. Currently, you cannot install the Windows XP OS on an iPod Touch or iPhone (clean install, removing the original Apple programming). However you could possibly use emulating software such as the bochs.deb 3rd party app to simulate XP; in other words, you may run XP on your iPod, but it will only be as an app, and therefore could not use all of the RAM that is installed on the iPod Touch or iPhone. Older OS, such as 3.11, 95, and 98 have been able to be emulated on an iPod and iPhone, however people making videos on emulating XP on iPods and iPhones have not included instructions on how-to, and therefore there is no real proof that XP may be emulated on iPods and iPhones.

How does file security of windows 98 and XP work?

In windows 98 there is no security but u can secure your 98 window by installing third party software and windows xp secured if u choose ntfs partitiion

What mode of operation can be used to correct a problem with a Windows 98 application installed on Windows Vista?

Compatibility mode.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading a computer with Windows 98 to Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

AdvantagesIt will receive security updates, unlike Windows 98It will be compatible with newer software (software that is compatible with Windows XP)It has support for newer peripheralsDisadvantagesIt is less compatible with older software, including software from Windows 98It has higher system requirements than Windows 98

You have installed many windows xp2000 but never windows 98 how do you prepare a new hard disk drive for the installation of windows 98 system?

It is not wise to use windows 98 anymore on any internet connected computer as security patches are no longer available. Install windows 2000 as a minimum.

Disadvantages of windows 98?

A disadvantage of Windows 98 is that newer software does not run on this operating system. Another disadvantage is that there is not anymore support available to do updates.

Will Windows 98 recognize a wireless driver card?

Windows 98 will detect that a card has been plugged in. Whether or not it can USE it depends on whether the card has Windows 98 drivers available, and if you have installed them correctly. Most wireless A, B, and G cards have Windows 98 drivers, but very few N cards do.

What would happen if you stuck a hardrive from a Windows Vista in to a windows 98?

The Hard Drive with Windows Vista installed on it would not work in Windows 98 unless you reformatted it using the FAT32 File System, thus erasing all data. Windows Vista uses the NTFS file system, which is not supported by Windows 98.

What mode of operation can be used to correct a problem with a Windows 98 application installed on a Windows Vista computer?

Compatibility mode

What mode of operation can be uses to correct a problem with a Windows 98 application installed on a Windows Vista computer?

Compatibility mode