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Unless you are extremely knowledgeable about gas devices, you shouldn't fiddle with them.

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How do you change from propane to natural gas on a ge stove?

You need a propane to natural gas orifice available at most hardware stores.

How do you convert a tappan stove from natural gas to propane?

to convert it you need to change the orifice

How do you convert a furnace to propane or natural gas?

Change out the gas flow orifice size to propane and adjust the gas valve.

Can you buy a gas dryer if you have propane gas?

Yes, though you may have to change the orifice to accommodate propane rather than the natural gas.

How do you convert a fireplace from propane to natural gas?

Get a certified technician to work on gas. He will have to change the orifice, possibly the gas valve.

How do you convert a propane clothes dryer to natural gas?

You change the orifice in the burner. Propane and natural gas require different orifice sizes. You should check with your gas or propane supplier, or contact the manufacturer for more detailed information. If you have good information and are a pretty handy individual, you might be able to do the conversion yourself. But, be warned, if you make a mistake, if could be tragic.

Where is the best place to get a Natural gas orifice for the change over from propane to natural gas on an Empire 65000 BTU floor furnace?

A supply house such as johnstone. Take all information of the furnace and old orifice with you and show them what you need.

How do you convert a K enmore range from gas to propane?

you have to change the orifice. propane operates under higher pressure than natural gas thus requiring a smaller orifice. call any place that sells and services gas appliances and i`m sure they can be of help.

When changing an orifice on a gas cook stove where is the orifice?

I want to change orifices on propane to natural gas and don't know where they are located at??They are usually located where the gas line comes into the appliance-you will need a wrench to loosen it.

Directions gas to propane?

change the gas flow metering orifice size

Switch from natural gas to propane side burner on grill Can i switch a natural gas burner over to use propane?

this can be done but its not as simply as just hooking it up. you will need to change the manifold which is not always readily available. depending upon the manufacturer of the grill, you will likely need to order an L.P. (Propane) manifold directly from the manufacturer. Most propane distributors will convert natural gas appliances to LP for a modest fee. It is a matter of changing orifice sizes to let less gas into the appliance. Since propane burns about 4 times hotter than gas, an orifice which is about half the diameter is used. We had all of our gas appliances, dryer, stove, BBQ, converted when we moved from a location with natural gas to propane.

Can you convert a propane clothes dryer to natural gas if so how?

Conversion of Natural to PropaneYes you can. I purchased a new dryer and needed it to be propane ready...you need to get the proper oriface (which lets the gas in to the burners) changed out. Natural gas oriface has a larger hole than a propane orifice. Check with your local H. V. A. C. companies or with your gas company.AnswerYes you can, but whether you should is another matter. I purchased a new dryer and needed it to be propane ready...you need to get the proper orifice (which lets the gas in to the burners) changed out. Natural gas orifice has a larger hole than a propane orifice. In addition, the regulator must be modified. It may involve flipping an insert under the cap (typical of stoves) or it may require conversion parts packed in the conversion kit (order one specific to your drier). This regulator is part of the piping within the back of the drier. Incidentally, conversion orifice(s) should be included with the drier and screwed to the body in a clip. When you change it over and label the equipment as converted to propane, put the old natural gas orifice in the clip and screw it back onto the body. Put the instructions in a paper envelope and tape to the outside of the body of the drier.Your local gas plumber knows the routine.Check with your local H. V. A. C. companies or with your gas company.

How to Convert natural gas to propane?

no ones going to answer To convert natural gas appliances to propane you have to change the orfices. Propane orfices are smaller or have smaller openings than natural gas orfices.

Can you use propane instead of natural gas in a fireplace?

Maybe. If you have a convertable fireplace, you will need to change a part called the orifice. This has a hair-fine hole through which the gas passes. Since propane and natural gas have different heat values, they use different orifices (different sized holes). Check with your gas appliance repair service.

Change stove to propane from gas?

Visit your local hardware store and ask for an orifice that will be needed to make the change. Tell the attendant what you want to do and he will tell you how, It is fairly simple.

How do you convert a stove from propane back to natural gas?

The change from one gas to another is model specific, but the difference is orifice size. Check with the specific stove manufacturer. In some instances, you may have to check the line pressure and use, remove or change the gas regulator.

Can you change a natural gas heater to propane?

I want to change a dearborn space heater mod # drc12b1lp from natural gas to propaine how do i replace it & what do i need .thanks

How do you convert natural to propane gas stove?

You should be able to change the hose from the natural gas source to the propane source as long as you check to make sure its up to code per the manufacturers recomendations.

How to change ge stove from natural gas to propane gas?

AnswerYou need to buy a special valve or converter a special valve or converter is NOT necessary. typically the stove burners each need a newer smaller orifice. they are litle socket type brass fittings about 1/4" in diameter (the hole, the orifice, is much smaller)the new orifice can be bought at a applaince part distributor or on-line.the oven typically justs needs an adjustment. no replacement parts are necessary

Can you convert a propane bbq to a natural gas bbq?

Natural gas and propane are crompressed at different pressures so the require differnt orifices for burners to meter the gas. There are some logistical problems, natural gas tanks are much bulkier than propane and are much less convenient to refill and weigh more for equal volume, this is the reason campers run on propane. Also, hooking to your house gas if you were able to change the orifice would seem dangerous, most CNG things in your house are effectively permanent (water heater, stove, dryer) they arent outside and the dont move. Could you convert it? Yes. Would it be worth the time, effort, and risk? No

Can you use propane gas with natural gas logs why not?

You can not use propane with natural gas logs. The reason is because you do not know how to change air to gas mixture so that it will burn most efficiently. However, your question was could I use it. Yes, I could use natural gas logs with propane. I know how to make the adjustments.

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