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No, you can't.

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Q: Can i charge two 8v batterys with a 12v charger?
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Can you use a 12V 3Ah charger to charge a 12V 26Ah battery?

Yes you can. The charger has what is called a trickle charge and will need to be left charging at least overnight and maybe for two nights dependant on how little charge the battery has left.

Can you charge batteries in series with 2 separate chargers in parallel?

Not in parallel NO - unless each charger is twice the voltage required for a single battery. For example if you had 2 x 12V batteries and placed the in series, you would have a 24V battery. If you had two 12v chargers and put then in PARALLEL with each other, you would then have a 12v charger with double the current handling. Of course if the chargers were 24v ones, then it would work fine. if you have 2 x 12v batteries (for example) and wished to charge them with separate chargers (actually quite a good idea), then each charger would be over each battery. So the batteries would be in series, the chargers would also effectively be in series too. Basically another way of looking at it would be two have a 12v battery with a 12v charger to your left and then on the right another 12v battery with a 12v charger on it. Yes you can connect the two together in series. The only slight caveat is that the chargers must be isolated from each other - and not for example a "dual output charger" which simply has an extra pair of leads but a shared charging system. - 12v + - 12v + ---------+-BATTERY---+----------+--BATTERY--+-------- - | |+ - | | + |=CHARGER=| |=CHARGER=| - <------------------------------- 24 v ----------------------------> +

Can you charge a 12 volt battery with a 24 volt charger?

I can if I charge 2 of them at a time. Most 24 volt chargers also have a 12 volt setting. What is hard to find is a 32 volt charger. We can charge a 12V battery with 24V charger, by connecting two 12V batteries in series i. e. the negative terminal of the first battery is connected to the positive terminal of the second, now the charger positive terminal is connected to the first battery positive terminal and the negative terminal of the charger is connected to the negative terminal of the second battery.

I need to charge my lawn tractor battery. My battery charger has 3 settings on it. Which charger setting should I use?

The settings on your battery charger may vary the charge voltage (e.g. 6V and 12V) or the charge rate (e.g. 2A and 6A). Because you say that your charger has three settings, I would guess that either the charge voltage is fixed at 12V (and you have 3 choices for charge rate) or you have one setting for 6V and two choices for charge rate at 12V. Make sure the voltage is set to the markings on your battery. This is most likely 12V, but it's best to make sure. If you can't match the setting (you have a 12V only charger and your battery is 6V), you must use another charger or you are likely to damage the battery and to risk explosion. The charge rate setting is meant to allow you to charge batteries of different sizes. A lawn tractor battery probably should be set at the lowest charge rate, say 2A. Larger batteries, like the one in your car, can be charged at higher rates. Charging at a low rate prevents the build-up of heat in the battery and reduces the risk of damage.

Can you charge two 6v batteries in a series with a 12v charger and which posts do you connect the charger to?

Yes you can. Connect the chargers positive lead to the positive of one battery, then the negative side of that battery to the positive side of the other battery, then connect the negative lead of the charger to the negative of the second battery. Double check all your connections and turn on the charger.

How long does it take to charge a portable charger?

This depends on what kind or charger are you asking about and what kind of battery are you charging. My Phone charger takes two hours to charge my phone.

How long does a portable charger take to charge?

This depends on what kind or charger are you asking about and what kind of battery are you charging. My Phone charger takes two hours to charge my phone.

What is the charge time on a Sony Cybershot battery charger?

two hrs

If you have two batteries in parallel can you use a one bank charger or do you need a two bank with both hooked to the batteries?

You will want to use just one charger because once you add the other charger you will be giving 24v to a 12v system and that could cause fuse issues.

What volt battery charger do you need to buy to charge two 12 volt batteries ran in series?

You would need a 24 volt charger. Connect them in parallel and you can charge them both with a 12 volt charger. Or disconnect them and charge each one separately.

How do you charge two batteries same time?

Use a special charger, such as an RV or boat charger, that has multiple outputs (best). Connect the two batteries in series, and use a 24V charger (ok, if the two batts are exactly the same). Connect the two batteries in parallel and use a standard 12V charger ( worst choice, one battery tends to hog the current, and they receive unequal charges). See the links for a dual-output charger I Googled.

Can you charge two 8 volt batteries with a 12 volt charger?

No you cannot.