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Yes, you can. If you are looking for associate degree in electrical engineering at Penn Foster, they do have accredited EE associate degree program.

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Q: Can i get my associate's degree for electrical engineering from penn foster online?
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How many US universities offer accredited distance engineering degrees?

Well, engineering is a broad subject. I usually use to search for colleges and universities that offer online degree programs. The schools listed there are not only online colleges and universities, but also some traditional colleges and universities that offer some online courses. I searched the engineering for you and found 10 schools and each school probably have 3-5 different engineering courses/degrees/certificates. Depends on what kind of engineering you are most interested in? Electrical engineering? Mechanical engineering?... The 10 accredited colleges and universities that offer engineering courses are: Drexel University online * Worcester polytechnic institute * Union institute & university * University of California, Irvine Cleveland institute of electronics Lehigh university * UMass online Oregon state university * Grantham university * Penn Foster college * The school offers fully online courses for bachelor degree Some schools listed here only offer associate degree engineering programs; some offer traditional degree but with only couple courses/certificates that you can take online.

What is a foster wheeler?

Foster Wheeler is the parent company of two other companies that focus their resources on engineering new ways to construct better renewable energy sources.

What does not affect the electrical resistance of a body?

Bodies directly surrounding the body (Penn Foster)

where can i get my accounting degree online in less than 2 years?

You can attend Penn Foster online to obtain an accounting degree.

What has the author Horatio A Foster written?

Horatio A. Foster has written: 'Engineering valuation of public utilities and factories' -- subject(s): Valuation, Corporations, Factories, Finance, Public utilities 'Electricial engineer's pocket-book' -- subject(s): Electric engineering, Handbooks, manuals

What has the author Thomas J Foster written?

Thomas J. Foster has written: 'Coal miners' pocketbook' -- subject(s): Coal mines and mining, Handbooks, manuals, Mining engineering

What's the best online school to get a degree in hotel management?

Penn Foster is a great online school to obtain a hotel management degree.

The Types of Degree Programs offered by an Online Engineering School?

Despite the fact that engineering is a rather practical subject, online engineering schools are fairly common and presently offer associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees online. As for any type of online school, accreditation is extremely important for an online engineering school as, without it, the school’s students run the risk of their degree not being recognized by professional engineering bodies. A student who is about to sign up for a course at any online school of engineering should therefore check whether the school is accredited - and, if so, by which associations - before signing on the dotted line. Online engineering schools can be accredited by professional associations like The Higher Learning Commission and the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Online associate engineering degrees include the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering Technology and the Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, both of which are offered by Penn Foster College. Eligibility requirements for these types of programs are extremely non-specific, but students who wish to study engineering in any form should have at a high school diploma with math and science. The online bachelor’s degrees in engineering are represented by DeVry University’s Bachelor in Electronics Engineering Technology as well as Ashford University’s Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management: Engineering Studies. As far as the eligibility requirements for the online bachelor’s degrees in engineering are concerned, some schools post age limits and some schools post educational requirements like holding a high school diploma or meeting certain reading and writing proficiency standards. The highest level of online engineering degrees available at present are the master’s degrees, and examples of these programs include the Master of Civil Engineering as offered by Norwich University and the Master of Science Engineering: Materials Science and Engineering as offered by Arizona State University. Students must comply with strict eligibility requirements in order to be able to register for these degree programs, and such requirements could include having a BA in engineering from an accredited school and holding a B (or higher) average. Online engineering schools are extremely worthwhile and offer viable alternatives to students who cannot afford full tuition fees.

What awards has Kent B. Foster received?

Awards: Distinguished Engineering Alumnus Award, North Carolina State University, 1993.

Is there an International correspondence school for journalism course?

Not a degree, but try Ashworth, Penn Foster, or Canadas ICS.

Do I need a college degree to get a Medical Transcription Job?

To be a Medical Transcriptionist you do need a degree, you can either go to college or take online courses at schools such as Penn Foster.

Does the Penn Foster veterinary technician degree allow you to practice in California?

Penn Foster's veterinary technology degree program is American Veterinary Medical Association accredited, therefore accepted as an appropriate program by the credentialing board for veterinary technicians in California. However, just having a degree in veterinary technology from Penn Foster doesn't allow you to practice as a "veterinary technician" in California. You must have also passed the credentialing exams that the state requires and be a Registered Veterinary Technician in that state.

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