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Whether or not you can have male and female ocicats, male and female toygers, male and female boxers and a male and female doberman will depend on where you live. There are rules as to how many pets can be in one home in many places. It will also depend on how much money you have. It will be expensive to care for so many pets.

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Q: Can i have male and female ocicats and male and female toygers and male and female boxers and male and female doberman?
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Which are more boisterous a female boxer or a male boxer?

The male boxers are usually more boisterous than the female boxers.

Is Esther Phiri one of the female greatest Boxers?

Yes. Zambia's Esther Phiri is one of the female greatest boxers.

How big does female boxers get?

howbig does female boxer dogs get

How many puppies does a female Doberman pinscher have in one litter?

An average size litter of puppies for a female Doberman is eight to 12. Litters can be smaller or larger depending on the dog.

How many registered female boxers are there in Europe?

they were racies

Will your female Doberman get more aggressive if you breed her?

only when the puppies arrive

How many professional female boxers are there to date?

there are 86 in america.

Is a male or female Doberman easier to train?

Female Dobie's are way easier to train. Believe me, I've had both!

Can Ocicats have green eyes?

Yes, I have a 3 year old female from Costa Rico and her eyes are as green as a pint on Saint Patrick's Day.

Do female Boxers get along with female Pugs?

Maybe but you have to introduce them properly, but overall its up to the dogs to get along.

In how many days a female Doberman gives birth after crossbreed?

60 to 72 days

If my boxers mate for more than 5 mins should i try to stop them by bringing in food or something and remove the female or are boxers not so wild to mate?

No, you should not try to stop your boxers from mating for more than five minutes by bring them food or trying to separate them. Female and male boxers are not wild when they mate and will stop on their own.

What is the best name for a Doberman?

Well, depends. I would call my own Doberman, Goro. As if it was male; as for female, Rita. This is only my choice; hope you like it! PS: I love Dobermans a lot...

Can you show an image of a male puppy versus a female puppy?

this is a female this is a male i bet u can tell these are boxers i picked them becase of there position.

When do female boxer get her first heat?

All dogs, and not just female boxers, get their first heat around their 6 months to 2 years.

Can a Male German Sheperd Dog overpower a Female Doberman?

It would, of course, depend on the size and personality of each dog.

Why do only men box?

This is not strictly true. There are many female boxers, unfortunately like most female sports the mens' version gets the most attention.

How big do female boxers get?

Female boxer dogs would usually be in the (or around the) range of 21-23.5 inches tall and weigh 50-65 pounds.

What classification is a 159 pound boxer?

Professional male boxers weighing in at 159 lbs. are classified in the super welterweight or junior middleweight. Professional female boxers weighing in at 159 lbs. are classified as light middleweight.

Are Doberman hunting breed?

my fe male dobermen heat was 1st time.when x.she was very shy.sitdown.its difficult to can i cross that female dog

How much do female boxers dogs weight?

Female dogs are usually 21-23 inches (53-58 cm) tall and weigh about 55-65 pounds (25-29 kg)

Doberman or German shephard What is better can enyone compare them?

DOBERMAN GERMAN SHEPHARD a doberman is a very nice dog and one of the best for guard dogs and let me tell you why. A doberman is the 2nd fastest breed of dog in the world and a German shepherd is about 10th. a doberman pinscher also has very strong jaws one of the strongest also. and im not saying a German shepherd isn't fast because they are but not as fast as a doberman. i have 2 dobermans 1 is a dark red 5year old doberman named diva wev had her since she was 13 weeks and we just got another red doberman named redbull. my female diva doesnt like redbull because he is annoying. they always fight and redbull doesnot back down redbull fights with her and he is so brave when he grows up a pitbull couldn't take him. wev had him for a month and a week and hes 13 weeks and hes already faster than me and im 12 years old. so that's why a doberman is better to have.

What is patial nudity in video games?

Partial nudity in a video game is like this. Female: -Bra and panties Male: - Underware, boxers etc.

What is the largest a female boxer dog can get?

According to the official Kennel Club Breed Standard, female Boxers should reach between 21 and 23 inches at the shoulder, although they can be slightly taller or shorter.

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