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=After excercise people usually dont run because they are very tired most of the time. You need to drink some water or your exercise doesn;t even really count. Just do what you think is best I guess..=

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When does your heartbeat rate go up?

When you run or exercise or drugs or just emotions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you run or exercise ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When you run, exercise, panic or run out of breath.

How do you get fit?

Diet and

Exercise for ginea pigs?

buy them a run for the garden and they can exercise in it all day

What is the exercise machine that people run on?


How you can run fast?

Exercise and stretch a lot.

How do horses exercise?

they run around and play.

What do mice do when scared?

run away, exercise

How do Guinea Pigs exercise?

well they usually like to run around in their cage but you can by them a ball and they like to run around the house in the ball which is great exercise!

Do cheetahs need exercise?

no cheetahs do not need exercise as their hearts are trained to run high speeds

Do hamsters exercise?

yes they do they have wheels to run on inside their cage and a ball to run outside

What is the procedure of nuclear fallout shelter exercise?


What is a good cardio exercise to burn calories?


How do zebras exercise in the wild?

They run away from predators

How do meerkats exercise?

They jump and hop and run lots.

What exercise do dogs need?

dogs need to run around and play or get toocken for walks o get exercise

Muscles used in shuttle run?

Shuttle run is a type of exercise that is used mostly by athletes and coaches. The muscles this exercise uses is the rectus femoris; a quadricep muscle.

How much exercise does a husky need?

A lot! These dogs need plenty of exercise in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. They love to run run run and do especially well at pulling things behind them such as sleighs or carts. If not given enough exercise this breed may become destructive.

How do you give a rabbit exercise?

you could by it a harness which they are not very expensive or let them run in the garden or in a run.

How does Jennifer Aniston exercise?

Jennifer Aniston likes to run along the beach whilst listening to her Ipod for exercise.

Where can you exercise?

You can go to a pool and swim, go to the park and walk or run, go to the gym. There are many places to exercise.

Do hamsters like exercise?

They love to exercise. Since they are nocturnal they will exercise mostly at night. They also like to run around in tubes of the cage at night if there are any.

What is the purpose of run in place?

To get exercise without running on a track.

What is the exercise called where you run sideways?

It's called "Karaoke"

How fast can a standard poodle run?

my standard can run 25 mph beside the snowmobile. that's how we exercise him.

How do astronautes exercise in space?

They bring standard cardio exercise equipment with them. For running, for example, they have to teather themselves to the treadmill and then run.

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