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no u can't... any browsing through market and download requires internet

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You search on google: the sims download Android and you download the version for mobile android. It is smaller, but still work :)

Obviously, The best place to for android apps is android market place. The official platform to download every app of android but not those which were suspended because for violating rules. Many good apps were suspended from Android market just because of policy issues even people liked those apps a lot but still they did it. On the whole one can find more than 85% android apps on Android market place.

No, accessing the market is free if you have an internet plan on your phone or you can connect via wi-fi from a location. However many of the apps are free on the market, you still have to pay for many more.

You have to check '4Shared MP3 Downloader' on Google Market.

Download the new Market apk and adb push to your device. You must uninstall the previous version of the market beforehand. Hope this helps, search Google for adb if any further help is needed Users still looking for a way to manually install the market update should check out the article on Eugene O'Rourke titled "How to Manually Update Android Market." It gives steps on how to update the market through recovery mode that worked well for me.

I wonder if you are asking to download anything without using internet. How could it be possible. Its not at all possible to download without active internet.

yes.because the internet charges will increase.if you download it ,you can play offline

Yes, Android Phones can play music they are loaded with music players which can play music files for you and still if you don't have any music player over your Android device you can always download them from the stores.

Temple Run for Android...temple run for android was supposedly sent to the android market on February 9th 2012, though, it was porsponed as the makers of temple run believed it can be improved. Temple run will still be coming to android later in February 2012,Thank youuu!

Android App market is full game apps and free version of almost every cool game is available on market place. Every one has a different standard of a 'Best Game' but still there are few games that are considered so addictive world wide like Air Flight Control, Duck Hunting, Angry Birds. Their their free versions and game addiction would temp you to play them again and again.

Flash Player for Android is no longer available for download from the Google Play app store, but Android users can still download and install Flash Player from the Archived Flash Player Versions page on the Adobe website.Make sure your Android device is connected to the Internet.Open the Settings menu.Select Security (or Applications, on older Android OSs).Place a checkmark next to the "Unknown sources" check box.Tap OK to confirm your selection.Close Settings.Launch the browser.Search for "flash player archive page"On the Archive page, scroll down to "Flash Player for Android archives"Select a version of Flash Player that is compatible with your Android operating system.Tap the link to download the Flash Player installer. Download begins automatically.When download completes, close the browser.Open Notifications.Tap "install_flash_player.apk"When prompted, tap Install.When installation is finished, tap Done.

It's a google TV, it's running Android OS. So you can download apps from Android Market or LG app store. It still has pre-installed apps like netflix, facebook etc. And you can also use You tube, google chrome finish or google search.

Yes. Your phone must be running Android 2.2 "Froyo" or a newer version of Android to run Adobe Flash Player. However, Adobe has decided to discontinue Flash on the Android platform with the release of Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich." You can still download and run Flash just fine, and they will continue to release security updates, but future versions of Flash Player will not be released on Android.

Yes it is. But only on the internet. And it is very expensive.

no wireless Internet means you cant go on the Internet on your ipod. But you can still download apps and take pics and mostly everything else just no Internet.

you can not use the internet without connecting. It might be possible to give the PS3 updates using another source to download the update, but you would still be using the internet to do that.

try do download the latest plug in from the internet.

Why google still not stands in smartphone industry a part from this aspect that have a monopoly on android and android supply to all the smartphone company.

RIM's Blackberry OS is out of date and falling behind in market share. It revolutionized smart phones and then Apple made it better and Google perfected it with ANDROID. It is still better than Windows Phone 7 but has nothing on ANDROID or IOS

Yes, the original founders of Android (Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White) are still alive as of this writing. Rubin in particular headed Android from its creation in 2003 to 2013. He then moved into special projects for Google, to be specific, robotics.Yes, the founders of Android are still alive.

You are not making any sacrifices. If the internet is high speed it can be used to complete most online tasks that are taken. You may not have the highest download speeds if it is not the fastest package but you can still download almost anything.

yes you can, to do this you need to go to the main menu screen on your phone and click the button on the bottom left of the phone, a little white box should popup you then click on wallpapers and it takes you to a selection screen from there you can choose still or live wallpapers and you could also download them from the android market.

As of January 2010, "Avatar" is still in theaters. If you found it on the internet, you would be violating copyright laws.

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