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Can i use an unlocked phone with US Cellular?

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it depends on the phone you want to buy. your phone must be capatible with US Cellulars technology. This information can generally be found on the carriers website. US Cellular uses CDMA, so your phone needs to support CDMA. A GSM phone will not work on US Cellulars network.

2007-08-07 00:21:56
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Can you use unlocked Apple iPhone with us cellular?


Can i use a US Cellular Phone on Virgin Mobile?

No, you must use a VM phone.

Can you use a US Cellular phone with Virgin Mobile?


How can I get wifi on the go I have a samsung galaxy s3 that is unlocked from US Cellular Where can I buy a service in which I pay monthly for wifi that can go anywhere with me Thank?

You can check with AT&T, T-mobile, or even Boost mobile for a data package for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy 3 phone from US Cellular.

Can you buy a smart phone on line and have it activated through US Cellular?

No reason why not - so long as the handset comes 'unlocked' from any network.

Can you use any Sprint phone with the carrier US Cellular as long as the phone is on a CDMA Network?

Since 7/15/03, US Cellular will NOT activate a phone unless it is US Cellular-sourced. That merely means that it was originally sold by US Cellular or an authorized agent. It does NOT mean you have to buy the phone from a US Cellular store. You CAN buy a phone from a friend, eBay, or wherever, but it MUST be US Cellular-branded. Also, phones can be direct-purchased from some manufacturer's, most notably Motorola. They will ask you who you're carrier is, and ship the phone US Cellular-branded. These phones can be activated.

How do you use a US Cellular SIM card in another phone?

US Cellular uses CDMA technology, not GSM, so, their phones do not use SIM cards.

Do you have to buy a cell phone from US Cellular if that is who your plan is through or can you buy one from some other company and use it?

No, you do NOT have to purchase a replacement phone from US Cellular. I have included a link below to an online cell phone store that sells US Cellular cell phones. Hope this helps.

Does US Cellular carry the new iPhone 3g?

No they do not... : ( US Cellular is a CDMA network and all iphones are GSM network, so iphone is not compatible with US Cellular. They also do not allow unlocked phones on their network either, so you have to use one of their phones. I hope this was helpful. : )

What phones can you use on us cellular us cellular?

The only good PDA Phone I have found with U.S Cellular is the Motorola Q (Still not very good, no touch screen or wifi).

Can an unlocked mytouch slide 3g be work ok with US Cellular?

It would work if the phone has a SIM card slot and you get one of the u.s. cellulars SIM cards

How do you transfer a number from a US Cellular phone to another US Cellular phone?

I'm not sure there is a way that you can do it yourself. But you can take your phone into any US Cellular store and have them do it. I believe it's free, but i don't know for sure.

Can you text on an unlocked phone out of the US?

If you have a SIM Card, then yes.

What are the best unlocked cell phone on the market in the US?


Can you use a US Cellular phone for nTelos service?

Depending on the make and model of the phone you should be able to activate a US Cellular phone with nTelos. Please contact 1-877-468-3567 for nTelos Customer Service to have it verified before activation!

Can you use a us cellular phone with alltel?

You can use a us cellular phone with alltel service, but you can't tell alltel that the phone is us cellular. If you do they may tell you they can't allow another service's phone on their network. There is also another problem. If you do get the MEId swapped you may only get US celllular's easyedge instead of your own alltel online store and such. What I mean is, you can't go online and you can't send pictures. I know this because I have an Alltel phone and US Cellular service. I can't access my contacts back up to get my phone numbers and I can't use my music on my microSD as ringtones. So it's possible but you should maybe dig a little bit further to see if you can get more info.

Can you activate a US Cellular phone with Verizon?

of course...

Can you put a tmobile Sim card in a us cellular phone?

No...US Cellular is a CDMA and T Mobile is GSM. Incompatible.

Can you activate a US cellular phone?

I'm not sure of the context of your question, so I will assume you are asking if you can activate a cellular phone in the US, as opposed to activating a US Cellular phone (which is a wireless network in the US). Here are the different scenarios on activating a cellular phone in the US:Activating a carrier-based phone with the same carrier--you can activate a carrier-based phone with the same carrier, even if the phone has been inactive for a long period of time. It is functional provided it can connect to the current bands in that network.Activating a carrier-based phone with another carrier--if the phone is locked (tied to a particular carrier), it will not function if you attempt to activate it with another carrier. If you are able to get the phone unlocked (either thru the carrier, manufacturer, or on your own), it might work with another carrier provided the phone can run on that other carrier's network bands.Activating an unlocked phone with any carrier (traditional and pre-paid)--most unlocked phones, and this is assuming they are designed to be used in multiple bands in the US and/or elsewhere, can be activated on most carriers.Activating a carrier-based phone with a pre-paid carrier--it is possible to activate a carrier-based phone with a pre-paid wireless carrier, assuming that carrier has bands that match what the carrier-based phone had previously. An example is the pre-paid carrier Straight Talk, which utilizes bands from the four major wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint).

Can you buy a cell phone in Mexico set up a plan in the US and use it there?

The short answer is yes. You can buy a cell phone and use it in the US, or anywhere else in the world as long as the phone is unlocked. We have an article on how to Choose an International Mobile Phone for detials on this you can go to

Can a US cell phone work in Australia?

Yes it will as long as it is GSM and it is unlocked

How do you switch your US Cellular phone number to a different phone?

Talk to your phone-company they will do it for you for a small fee.

Can you unlock a us cellular phone?

yes because you can get a knife

Is there a way to transfer contacts from a US Cellular phone to a straight talk phone?

Password lock

US Cellular SIM card transfer to Nokia Phone is it possible?