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A level 3 color is a dark brown. A level 2 color is almost black. So yes, a level 2 can be used over a level 3. It will make your hair slightly darker.

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How many people use hair dye?

I think over half of the world use hair dye.

Can you use developer to remove hair dye?

You can use a level 30 type of peroxide developer to remove hair dye from your hair, but this will also lighten your hair. You could try to use a level 20 if you do not want your hair to lighten up.

What you can use to dye your hair?

Hair dye dah

How can you get black hair dye out of your hair?

Use a darker hair dye..

How Can you dye a doll's hair?

Get the hair dye and use humans hair colouring dye !x

How many times can you dye your hair in a month before it gets damaged?

Well its depending what kind of dye you are using for your hair, but if you dye your hair over 5 times in a month it may damage your hair. I would use dyes that you have already used in your hair. If you never dyed your hair before you should ask you local hairstylist and see what they think. Most likely your hair will get damaged if you dye your hair over 5-6 times. Be careful of what dye you use!

Will one hair dye damage your hair?

it depends on what hair dye you use

What hair dye to use for men that will not cause the hair to fall out?

what hair dye to use for older men

What is klo2 dye?

it is a hair dye that ladies use to dye their hair with. it is a bit like vo2 dye

Can you dye your hair with fabric dye?

Well you can use the fabric dye to dye you hair to do Highlights

How do you dye my hair black with out any dye?

Currently, there is no way to dye hair black without the use of dye.

What can you use to dye your hair with out hair dye if you are a brunet?

You can put lemon juice and sit in the sun to dye your hair blonde.

What household items dye hair?

You can use household items such as bleach to dye your hair. You can also use drink packets such as Kool-Aid to dye your hair.

Does hair dye break your hair off?

no it doesn't only if you use the right hair dye

Can you use pubic hair dye to dye the hair on the head?

i tried and it sucked

Can you dye your hair blonde with hydrogen peroxide?

Peroxide will dye your hair orange if you use it on your hair... Just get some hair dye from the store :D

Does pastel wash out of hair?

Do you mean pastel hair dye? It depends on if you use a permanent dye or a semi-permanent. Semi-permanent hair dyes will wash out and fade over time; permanent hair dyes will stay in the hair until you cut it or dye it another color.

Can you use splat hair dye full kits to dye just a strip of your hair?

Yes i have done that many times, you will have dye left over. No worries, screw the cap on and save it for another time!

How do you get red hair?

Use hair dye

How do you use hair dye?

put it on your hair

Can you mix henna and chemical hair dye to color your greys?

you dont need henna to dye your hair you can use thechemical hair dye

Allergic to hair dye what should you i do?

If you are allergic to hair dye you should not use it at all.

How do you dye bleach blonde hair dark blonde?

Use hair dye, I presume.

How do you make your hair blonde from brown?

You use hair dye... to dye it.

How long is hair dye good after you mix it?

Once u have mixed hair dye u must use it instantly and NOT wait on it, never re-use already mixed hair dye, use it that one time and dats it. u have to mix hair dye for each time u want to use it, never leave mixed hair dye to use for another time TRUST.