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It depends on the company and the plan. For example, a U.S. Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go phone will not work in Canada, even though Virgin Mobile also has pay-as-you-go service in Canada.

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Yes, as long as the company that it's from is here in the US. Call customer service when after you arrive in the US and ask to change your number to a US number and add minutes.

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Q: Can i use my pay as you go phone in the US?
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Can you use MSN on a Pay as you go phone?

if the pay as u go phone has Wifi then you will be able yo browse through that. But most cases Pay as you go is really expensive or not supported. go to to find out if your phone has Wifi

How do you get a phone number for no contract phones?

Get a "pay as you go" phone plan. You only pay when you use it. No contract. Depending on the carrier you should be able to use any unlocked phone.

Is the Virgin Mobile Wildcard Mobile Phone a pay as you go phone?

yes it is a pay as you go phone you can use the kickback code gives you $20 in your account yJHeopwD never expires

What are the differences between a pay as you go phone and phone with a plan?

A pay as you go plan is a plan where you pay for the phone upfront and use it only for that amount. Then when that amount is gone, you "refill" it. A plan is a set amount each month

Are there any pay as you go phones with wi-fi?

Any handset can be used as a 'pay as you go' phone ! The tariff is set at the network not the phone. Simply decide which network you want to use - and ask them for a pay-and-go SIM.

What exactly is a go phone is it a pay as you go phone?

A go phone is a pay as you go mobile phone service. You purchase a regular phone, and you will pay for the minutes on a monthly basis, without signing a contract.

Do you have to pay to use windows live messenger on your mobile phone?

as far as I am aware you do not have to pay for windows live messenger on your phone but you will have to pay for data if you go over your allowance.

How much does a pay as you go phone cost in Madrid?

as much as you want it to pay use your imagination like i do

Can you use an Orange pay as you go SIM card in an Orange Contract phone?


If you dont have a phone what are you suppose to do to enter to win 3 millon dollars?

You could ask a neighbor if you could borrow their phone; go to a drug store or a store and pay to use their phone. There may be the odd pay phone on the street in your area that you could use.

Should You Consider Purchasing a Pay as You Go Cell Phone?

If you are sick of paying for minutes, data, and text messages that you don't use, you may want to consider purchasing a pay as you go cell phone. With a pay as you go phone, you will purchase a specific amount of minutes, text messages, and data. Once you use your allowance, you'll need to purchase more minutes before being able to use your phone. Using a pay as you go phone means that you will never pay for minutes, text messages, or data packages that you don't use. You'll never have to worry about paying an early cancellation fee if you decide to change service providers. If you don't spend a lot of time on your phone, a pay as you go plan may be an easy way to save money.

Would you use a pay as you go phone?

i would not add a pay as you go phone because it cost more money than when you have a contract because you run out of minutes faster and the package cost a lot